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Green tech finds

Article: Green tech finds

eople-powered gyms, transmitting from turtles in Illinois, and combining flies and poop for good use… your green tech finds for the week.

  • The open-source solar concentrator: Designer Eerik Wissenz claims that his Solar Fire open source solar concentrator concept can harvest power at ten times cheaper than photovoltaics. Check it out in the video above… (via Earth Techling)
  • New university trend — the human-powered gym: Powering exercise and recreation facilities with energy harvested from workout equipment is catching on at universities… the Sustainable Cities Collective takes a closer look at Drexel University’s approach.
Brazil Urges Africa to Adopt Biofuel Economy

Article: Brazil Urges Africa to Adopt Biofuel Economy

Biofuel and biodiesel are currently being created and consumed in large quantities in Brazil. Cars are running on a mixture of biofuel and gasoline and the sale of ethanol is expected to rival that of gasoline by the year 2020. Part of the reason why Brazil is so successful in biofuel, ethanol and biodiesel production…

Composting Tips & Tricks

Article: Composting Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve taken the time to become properly acquainted with the ideas behind composting, and had a look at some of the implements that can help you make the stuff, it’s time to get our fingernails dirty, get down to the nitty-gritty, and get composting. Here are some best practices and troubleshooting tips. Like…

How To: Get Started with Composting

Article: How To: Get Started with Composting

Now that we have the basics of composting down, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. TreeHugger has seen a lot of different ideas and implementations of composting, from around the globe, and, while they all probably won’t work for you, that’s okay. One thing is for sure: from gadgets and gizmos, tips ‘n tricks, there…