A green film festival you can enjoy at home

Article: A green film festival you can enjoy at home

Film festivals are great for spotlighting up-and-coming talent, and highlighting niche topics. The conventional film festival isn’t, however, a good vehicle for creating wide-scale conversations, as audiences are limited by location and/or willingness to travel during a specific time period. After two years of hosting the Do Something Reel film festival in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market recognized these limitations: they could inspire festival-goers to consider the environmental and food-related messages of the films screened, but most of those audience members would be from the local area.

Best green jobs list: Online Outreach Intern

Article: Best green jobs list: Online Outreach Intern

One of President Obama’s recurring themes is the creation of a green economy that will put America back to work. Creating this economy means conservation, sustainable energy and most importantly, green jobs. It is a great time to start a career or change your life by getting a green job. The best green jobs list…

Online Hookup Tracking

Article: Online Hookup Tracking

The internet has given us tools to track virtually every aspect of our lives—so really, it was only a matter of time until someone thought to create an online tool to help track hookups. Well, someones, actually—there are at least two websites devoted to helping you document what goes down every time you get hot…