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Top 10 women changing the world

Article: Top 10 women changing the world

Famous people aren’t all bad. In fact, some of them, despite their shortage of time and debilitating desire to be caught on film doing weird, immoral things, actually dedicate their time to helping other people instead of themselves. The trend of celebrities getting involved in charity work seemed to spin out of control once Angelina became such a saint, and now it seems like it’s another Hollywood trend to get involved in making the world a better place. But what can we say? If they’re doing it, they’re doing it – who cares if it’s all for good press?

Dropping the T-bomb: Tackling our 'Tranny' problem

Article: Dropping the T-bomb: Tackling our 'Tranny' problem

Poor Kelly Osbourne, losing her fiancĂ© to a transsexual model. And poor Neal Patrick Harris, putting his foot in his mouth co-hosting Live with Kelly, uttering “Tranny” on national television, twice. NPH is a terrific poster child for gay men and Queer America (men had ceded that role to Ellen and Rosie, even Gaga). It seems Ms. Patrick Harris realized using the T-Bomb was in poor taste, and tweeted an apology, maybe because as a gay man he understands how people let hateful words fly absentmindedly. I really felt pity for the gentleman—for Kelly O, things happen.



A realistic-looking young Jeff Bridges is possibly TRON:LEGACY’s only high point.
For those who haven’t seen TRON since childhood, TRON: LEGACY might seem less like a true sequel and more like a complete reinterpretation. Long gone is the charmingly outdated animation of the 1982 original. In its place is a super slick, CG-world light years ahead of where the first film left off 28 years ago. Are we supposed to believe that the people/programs of Tron have advanced that far in under three decades? Of course not. TRON: LEGACY is less about believability and more about putting audiences in an experience so immersive that it distracts from the story’s many loopholes. The only problem is that with so many gaping flaws in the narrative it’s difficult to sit back and enjoy the ride.