Green tech finds (1/20/11)

Article: Green tech finds (1/20/11)

Green tech spanning the globe, from Ohio to New York City to Algeria… your finds for the week.

What’s up with switchgrass: Remember all the discussion about biofuels produced from switchgrass? The talk’s died down, but the experimentation hasn’t… but there are still some arguments out there about the efficiency of this feedstock.
Ohio’s green economy: Ohio? Really? While it’s still small and growing, this Rust Belt state made the most of the manufacturing infrastructure already in place to create green jobs. (via Calfinder’s Residential Solar blog)

Nobody actually works in LA

Article: Nobody actually works in LA

No one works, they just create traffic jams. (Photo from RESPRES’ Flickr.)
OOOf. It has been a while. My bad. Truly. I was off in New Orleans hanging with hunky Bayou Boys for a story on BP and the conmen living on Flotels for AOL… Then went to LA to hang with my sisters and tape the voicing for the animation on my MTV show, Grits. LA is so funny. Everyone either thinks I’m going to move there or have already moved there. Which is weird as LA is like my personal purgatory. You try finding someone in that town who isn’t a “producer” (scam artist), “model” (pretty girl with no job), “actress” (hooker), or “realtor” (see model). It’s pretty damn hard. What other city has traffic jams at 3 pm on a Tuesday? No one actually works there! (Says me, typing that shit in and noting the irony).

Michelle Obama isn't the only "first gardener" out there…

Article: Michelle Obama isn't the only "first gardener" out there…

Cranberry Bog, Ohio Governor’s Mansion
When Michelle Obama announced plans for a White House kitchen garden, local foodies, gardeners, and health advocates rejoiced: what better way to promote the value of home-grown food than get the first family involved. It turns out that the Obamas aren’t the only executive family growing vegetables on the grounds of the official residence: a number of governors and their spouses have taken up the cause of not just planting vegetables, but also implementing more sustainable landscaping practices at governors’ mansions and even state capitols.

Ohio is a piano

Article: Ohio is a piano

Photo by Edebell.

Andy Woodruff, a cartographer-slash-programmer was driving recently through Ohio when he realized that there are 88 counties in this state and 88 keys on a piano. Combining this coincidence with his programming abilities, the result is the greatest thing I’ve seen all week: the Ohio piano, an interactive flash map of the state with each county assigned a key. He explains:

Summer activities for the green at heart: sustainable agriculture tours

Article: Summer activities for the green at heart: sustainable agriculture tours

Got a big trip planned to the beach, mountains, or lake this summer? Maybe not: with our current economic doldrums, you may well have cut back on summer travel plans. If you’re looking for activities closer to home this year that won’t cost big bucks, it just so happens that summer is also the season for sustainable farm tours… and there’s likely one near you coming up. Here are just a few upcoming events that will allow you to see more sustainable agriculture in action, as well as provide you with an education on where your food comes from…