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RESTREPO, how’s this for an opening salvo?

Article: RESTREPO, how’s this for an opening salvo?

Still from RESTREPO.

How’s this for an opening salvo? RESTREPO, the first documentary to screen at Sundance 2010, kicks off with a grunt’s-eye view of being caught in a roadside-bomb explosion, and only gets more intense from there. In 2007 and 2008, journalist Sebastian Junger and photographer Tim Hetherington made 10 trips to Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, a six-mile corridor near the Pakistan border, at the time the focal point of the fighting between U.S. forces and the Taliban. A raw, often harrowing piece of frontline reportage, the film uses post-facto interviews with the soldiers to orient the viewers, but mostly, it opts for disorientation — for the surreal ground-level experience of combat, alternating between restless downtime and confusing firefights.

5 Things For Short Filmmakers To Know Coming To Sundance

Article: 5 Things For Short Filmmakers To Know Coming To Sundance

Last year Ian Olds was here at Sundance with his short narrative film BOMB, which was anything but.

1) Watch movies. It seems obvious, but it’s not. If you don’t make this a priority you could find yourself going mad on the quixotic quest to meet that one person who will magically grant you a career.

2) If one of your goals is to meet with agents and managers, don’t expect any of them to come to your screenings. Get copies of your movie to whoever wants to see it, preferably before the festival even begins, and if someone responds to your work you can use the festival week to meet face to face.