Shepard Fairey at Deitch Projects

Article: Shepard Fairey at Deitch Projects

Shepard Fairey, the artist who made Obama and Andre the Giant graphic art poster boys is showing a new collection of work at Deitch Projects, which will be closing its doors for good. May Day, an exhibition of new work by Fairey, will be the famed gallery’s final project. Coinciding with the show Fairey will…

Keith Haring and Obey

Article: Keith Haring and Obey

Modern Art fans may want to walk this year’s AIDS Walk in NYC. Shepard Fairey, famous for his iconic Obama poster and Andre the Giant/Obey street art/clothing label is donating a free shirt to anyone who walks with the Keith Haring Foundation’s team. The shirt features an image of Haring, a victim of AIDS, taken…

Behind the Scenes with Shepard Fairey

Article: Behind the Scenes with Shepard Fairey

A neat sneak peek into the behind the scenes of renowned and controversial street artist Shephard Fairey at his studio. If you’ve just woken up from a Rip Van Winkle nap and have no idea who he is, Fairey’s fame is bookend by his OBEY stickers early in his counter-mainstream days and most recently, his…