The 2010/11 Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative

Article: The 2010/11 Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative

Yesterday, Brian Eno made an appearance at the New York Public Library to introduce a work by his musical protĂ©gĂ©, Ben Frost. It was part of a weekend of performances marking the end of the fifth cycle of the Rolex Mentor and ProtĂ©gé Arts Initiative, a year-long program that pairs promising young artists with masters in their field for a year of creative collaboration. This year saw artist Anish Kapoor paired with Nicholas Hlobo, choreographer Trisha Brown with Lee Serle, filmmaker Zhang Yimou with Annemarie Jacir, “polymath patrician” Hans Magnus Enzensberger with Tracy K. Smith, dramaturge Peter Sellars with Maya Zbib as well as Eno and Frost. The opportunity to work alongside such world-renowned artists is so coveted and exclusive that nominees are selected by an anonymous panel of experts who conduct an exhaustive international search…

Great minds make to-do lists

Article: Great minds make to-do lists

The New York Public Library has been surprising visitors lately with exhibitions of items from its permanent collection that no one knew it had or, in some cases, knew were even in existence, like the diaries of Charlotte BrontĂ«, Tennessee Williams, John Steinbeck and Bob Dylan, among several others. Or a whole bunch of drawings, forty to be exact, by Jim Dine. Both the diaries and the drawings are currently being exhibited, and are joined today by the best collection of lists I’ve ever seen, and as an avid collector of ephemera I’ve seen my share. The collection is not actually owned by the NYPL ; it’s on loan from The Smithsonian, but at least now it’s getting more visibility.

Mary Pickford: Her Second Hundred Years in Film

Article: Mary Pickford: Her Second Hundred Years in Film

By this time a century ago Mary Pickford entered the second year of her career with 100 pictures already under her belt. In the 10 years that followed she made over 100 more and co-founded United Artists along with D.W. Griffiths, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks. She was granted full authority over any production she…