Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer's "jungle gym" apartment

Article: Norman Mailer's "jungle gym" apartment

The New York Times has a great photo gallery of Norman Mailer’s stunning and highly personal Brooklyn Heights apartment on its website. Norman Mailer, who passed away in 2007, tackled his fear of heights (stemming from his vertigo problem) when he drastically remodeled his apartment over forty years ago “by designing a space that resembled…

Ultimate Christmas gift: a piece of the moon

Article: Ultimate Christmas gift: a piece of the moon

As the days before Christmas wane and people become increasingly desperate to finish their shopping, resorting to DVDs by the handful or last minute gift cards, why not blow everyone’s expectations with a chunk of our very own natural satellite, the Moon? “More Precious than Gold” is part literary, part interactive design, part actual moon…

The 47th Annual NY Film Festival

Article: The 47th Annual NY Film Festival

The NY Film Festival needs little introduction. Every year much anticipated films from well respected and brand new directors are screened alongside a timeless classic or two. With categories that range from Religious Interest (Lars Von Trier’s ANTICHRIST) to Women’s Interest (Bong Joon-ho’s MOTHER) to French (Jacques Rivette’s AROUND A SMALL MOUNTAIN) to American Independents…