Green tech finds: Cool tech, cold tech

Article: Green tech finds: Cool tech, cold tech

Just because we’re all trying to stay warm right now doesn’t mean that some techies aren’t thinking about cold – or at least cool. From climate-friendly freezers to arguments for space heating, we’ve got what’s cool – and what’s cold.

Is eco-friendly the casual footwear of choice this Fall?

Article: Is eco-friendly the casual footwear of choice this Fall?

For years, the environmental impact of your sneakers was handled almost exclusively on the back end. Programs like Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe still collect those worn, stinky sneaks and turn them into products ranging from play court surfaces to soles for more shoes. While the company that spent much of the 90s getting hammered for its poor responsibility record has led the way in these efforts, others shoe makers are following suit – and even taking some more innovative steps…

40th anniversary of the Swoosh

Article: 40th anniversary of the Swoosh

In 1971, Phil Knight, the owner of Blue Ribbon Sports (I know, the first thing I thought of was beer, too), wanted to launch its own brand of running shoes distinct from others that it imported. Knight approached Carolyn Davidson, a freelance graphic designer he hired couple years prior at the princely hourly rate of…

James Jarvis, ONWARDS

Article: James Jarvis, ONWARDS

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo. In collaboration with Nike, UK artist James Jarvis’s short animated film ONWARDS imagines a kind of magical non-linear world through which a funny little stick figure character enjoys running. I thought the evening sequence towards the end was particularly brilliant. Jarvis adds: The film was inspired by certain personal experiences…