Nick Cave

Ted Sabarese Juxtaposition

Article: Ted Sabarese Juxtaposition

I like this photo series “Creature Couture” by New York photographer Ted Sabarese where he juxtaposes female fashion models with artist (and also an Alvin Ailey-trained dancer) Nick Cave’s various “Soundsuits.” Over the last decade Mr. Cave has become known for making colorful, extravagant sculptures with this kind of double life: they can stand alone…

Dead or Alive

Article: Dead or Alive

Landscape I and III by Levi van Velew The words “organic art” may induce cringing. A new catch phrase, you dare ask? No, just a convenient way to talk about the latest exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design, “Dead or Alive,” which showcases over 30 artists whose work is made from once living…


Article: THE ROAD

Don’t let the action-packed trailer lead you astray; THE ROAD is true to the book. All the details of Cormac McCarthy’s barren, burnt out landscape are fully realized by director John Hillcoat (THE PROPOSITION), who you can tell took great pains to do right by the author. Instead of creating a street of abandoned, weather-beaten houses in a studio, for example, or hiring a big team of CGI experts to imagine what a decaying, post-apocalyptic shipyard would look like, Hillcoat and his crew actually sought out those environments, mainly in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Snap your fingers to THE CAT PIANO

Article: Snap your fingers to THE CAT PIANO

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo. Winner of numerous awards and the latest from an innovative Australian studio, The People’s Republic of Animation, THE CAT PIANO is a beautifully animated short that blends Jack Kerouac-inspired beat poetry with the romantic and haunting poems of Edgar Allen Poe. It is directed by Eddie White and…