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Watch typical Brooklyn scenes in super slow-mo

Article: Watch typical Brooklyn scenes in super slow-mo

8 Hours in Brooklyn from Next Level Pictures on Vimeo.

Ever wonder what getting tattooed looks like in ultra slow motion? Me neither. But thanks to some clever Brooklyn-based filmmakers, you can now watch it at 2,500 frames-per-second. Next Level Pictures‘ Jonathan Bregel took a Phantom Flex camera (familiar to TV-addicts as the camera that gets all that crazy slow-motion footage of the world’s fastest animals on the National Geographic channel) for a Sunday skateboard ride around Brooklyn. “I was DP-ing a commercial on a Saturday, but we technically had it for two days,” Bregel told me. “Clearly I couldn’t just let it sit there. My buddy, Mike Sutton from Rule Boston Camera, let us take it out the second day and we had some fun.”