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Boobs and BP at Coney Island's 2010 Mermaid Parade

Article: Boobs and BP at Coney Island's 2010 Mermaid Parade

In case you missed it, last Saturday was Coney Island’s 28th (if we did our math right) annual Mermaid Parade. It’s usually one great big, silly, public, burlesque parade of skimpy costumes, garish mardi-gras art and mer-related merriment. But this year had a political vibe to it like no other: protests against BP and the…


Article: FULL FRONTAL FASHION highlights

Think of this as your FULL FRONTAL FASHION cliff notes. No flip-flops at the opera, black is your best friend, and regardless of the heat, bras and underwear are still a must. Even though she won’t say these things to your face, Lynn Yaeger has no problem dishing out her summer fashion advice HERE. Size…

Eco-fashion: off the runway, and into the exhibition hall

Article: Eco-fashion: off the runway, and into the exhibition hall

Green couture has shown up in designers’ studios, fashion magazines, and on runways from New York to Milan. But nothing lends cred like a museum exhibit… and eco-friendly fashion now has one.

Eco-Fashion: Going Green opened at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology on May 26. If you want to get a look at some of the latest designs, they’re there: the exhibit features work from well-known names in the space, such as Edun, Ciel, and Bodkin. But curators Jennifer Farley and Colleen Hill didn’t stop with the design houses’ discovery of “green”; rather, the exhibit takes a long look at the history of fashion’s relationship with the environment.

Come to “Big Top”: New York’s Hottest New Party

Article: Come to “Big Top”: New York’s Hottest New Party

Photo credit: Wilsonmodels

With the extravagantly colorful crowd it attracts, “Amanda’s Big Top” doesn’t even need a carnival décor. It’s already a three-ring extravaganza, with club kids, muscle bears, wandering tourists, and a guy with masking tape on his mouth all convening every Wednesday to put the carnal back in carnival.

But even if it seems a bit redundant, the physical setting is YouTube-perfect, making this the de rigueur event of the week for those on the edge and not afraid to dangle there. Held on the “Carnival” level of Bowlmor on University Place, the bash (promoted by Kenny Kenny and Joey Israel) is set under a pseudo tent in a post-modern amusement arcade lined with Coney Island-style games to work out your aggressions on. Throw a ping pong ball in a goldfish bowl or knock down a clown doll with a softball and you win an assortment of aptly esoteric prizes like paisley dolphin dolls and neon anal beads.

Got stuff? Give it away on Saturday…

Article: Got stuff? Give it away on Saturday…

Why Saturday? Because May 15 is now Give Away Your Stuff Day.

The brain child of New Yorker Mike Marone, the event is based on a simple premise:
Many of us own valuable stuff we just don’t want anymore. But instead of giving it away or selling it, we allow it to clutter our households and businesses. Billions of great items are just wasting away, taking up space.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could magically shift ownership of this stuff, in one weekend, coast to coast, with zero effort, little time, and at no cost?

The Empire Diner to close

Article: The Empire Diner to close

I wouldn’t normally write obituaries around here for diners, but the news that NYC’s iconic Empire Diner is shuttering its doors on May 15th has my panties in a bunch. I mean, really? Yet another institution destroyed in NYC’s grand scheme to put bank branch in every single retail storefront in every single city neighborhood…

Earth Hour: 5 landmarks that will go dark on Saturday

Article: Earth Hour: 5 landmarks that will go dark on Saturday

On Saturday, March 27th, at 8:30 local time, the lights will go out in millions of homes, businesses, and schools in celebration of Earth Hour 2010. Started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour is now a global event organized by WWF in which people show their support for environmental action by turning off the lights for one hour. This year, 120 countries and territories will take part in this show of solidarity (up from 88 last year).

Joan Rivers Rocks my World

Article: Joan Rivers Rocks my World

Joan and Melissa Rivers (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Post Oscar hangovers are never fun… Trust. I’ve been covering them for 10 years! But this year was different. Not so bad. Even though – let’s be honest, seven days into a nine day journey, you are ready to run for the hill. And by hills, I mean Appalachian, Eastern Hills. Except for the fact that I came back from Rainy LA to monsoon-y New York. I mean… Okay, okay. I got two good days of beautiful Spring weather before my boots were soaked and once again I had to forsake fashion for Tretorn rain galoshes.

New York City wants to turn you on

Article: New York City wants to turn you on

Good design used to be completely unheard of in the world of sex accessories — neither function nor form was particularly paid attention to, whether it was a vibrator or a pair of latex undies. Fortunately, in the last decade or so, both form and function have improved immeasurably, and we could not be happier. Now vibrators and dildos are as likely to resemble abstract art for your coffee table as they are to resemble a penis.

The Armory Show 2010

Article: The Armory Show 2010

You’d never know the economy is still stuck in the mud with some of the outrageously high bids fetched at art auctions in the last year. Andy Warhol’s dollar bill painting went for $43.8 million, a Matisse still life of cowslips went for $45.6 mil and a chalk drawing by Raphael topped them all at $47.5 mil. Of course contemporary art is going for slightly less. A lot less, actually. Sotheby’s London contemporary auction brought in a total of $26 mil, the lowest in 5 years. That said, it will be interesting to see how sales go at The Armory Show this week in NY.

Fashion Week – A board mood

Article: Fashion Week – A board mood

Fashion Week has come and gone from NYC never again returning to the tents of Bryant Park. And while most New Yorkers have had their share of fashion for a bit I’d be remiss not to post here this slide show Vogue ran before the hoopla began. It highlights designer mood boards and inspiration walls. I find it fascinating to have a peek into the the creative process. And I also have had fun taking the mood board image and comparing it to the actual collections that were shown. The image above is from Jason Wu. He wrote “My fall 2010 collection is inspired by Irving Penn, by both his work and personal style. I applied the grainy textures of his photo negatives to intricately woven and printed fabrics and paired them with a slouchy menswear silhouette he often favored.”

The Ace Hotel gets a blog

Article: The Ace Hotel gets a blog

Ace Hotel x Chris Rubino from Jim Helton on Vimeo. I have written about how much I adore the Ace Hotel here many times before. The chain is just freaking cool. The vibe, energy, design, food. All is spot on, not too overpriced, and a unique experience. It makes total sense then that the hotel…

The Sustainable Chicken Project: turning trash into eggs

Article: The Sustainable Chicken Project: turning trash into eggs

If you’ve ever eaten eggs that comes straight from the farm (especially one that allows its chickens to range somewhat freely), you know that nothing from the grocery store comes close in terms of flavor. Master Composter Tom Shelley and farmer Christianne White, of Ithaca, New York, are trying out a new model for getting local residents hooked on such eggs while lightening their environment footprints: exchanging compostable “trash” for a regular supply of such eggs.


Article: BUTT TV

I have written here about my love of the Ace Hotel. It is casual yet polished. It can be a wild time, but also peaceful. And it is the hotel with the hottest visitors. Don’t trust me? Check out the Palm Springs pool or the NYC lobby for proof. It is also the gayest hotel…

Interview with the creators of THE CAPTIVE

Article: Interview with the creators of THE CAPTIVE

Sundance Channel recently sat down for an interview with Karin Diann Williams & Stuart Hynson Culpepper, creators of THE CAPTIVE. Watch THE CAPTIVE now at Sundance Channel Digital Shorts.

What was the inspiration for The Captive?

Karin: Believe it or not, we started with just the idea that we wanted to make a web series. We had an inkling that the microseries was about to find its audience and really explode as a popular form.

Stuart: We saw all the activity blossoming on YouTube and sites like it and knew a huge audience was there and they were wanting something beyond the user-generated content, something thoughtful and well produced. So we took the plunge. Part of the idea for the themes and action in The Captive came from studying the kind of person we thought were going to engage: someone fairly tech literate and independent in their thinking.

Princeton bike sharing program gets special delivery

Article: Princeton bike sharing program gets special delivery

Bike sharing programs are popping up all over the place — cities, corporations, and universities are all investing in making bikes available to commuters to ease traffic congestion and pollution. With almost all of these services, you can assume that the bikes themselves were delivered by trucks to their respective locations. This past Sunday, though, fourteen Worksman bicycles (based in NYC) were delivered by the most obvious method: cyclist rode the 55 miles from the factory to Princeton University.

The Empire State gets tie-dyed

Article: The Empire State gets tie-dyed

The other night in Manhattan we were treated to something quite unusual: the Empire State building lit up in a way not seen before. We New Yorkers are used to seeing the color change. The building is orange on Halloween and red and green around Christmas. But last night’s colors were unique. They mixed many…

Jay Smooth vs. Roman Polanski

Article: Jay Smooth vs. Roman Polanski

Jay Smooth, who created the hip hop music blog and founded NYC’s hip-hop radio show, WBAI’s Underground Railroad, recently took on Roman Polanski on his blog. Roman Polanski on a hip-hop blog? Ok, I’ll listen. The rant, clocking in at over seven minutes, is hard to look away from. He presents his case against Polanski, and…

The Clock Tower

Article: The Clock Tower

I don’t write too much about my love of architecture and interiors here, but this slideshow The New York Times recently posted has me sitting here feeling inadequate and unsuccessful. I mean really, who would not want to live in this space? If only I’d married for money. At 25 million, the asking price is…

What does 1 second of bottled water consumption look like?

Article: What does 1 second of bottled water consumption look like?

Design firm MSLK notes that we American consume 1500 plastic bottles of water every second. Great statistic… but does it create a particularly vivid image for you of the levels of bottled water consumption? If not, no worries: MSLK has that covered. Their new art installation Watershed integrates 1500 empty water bottles with “signs with facts about the dangers of this rate of consumption and what the public can do to make a change.”

NY Post: Today more phony than normal

Article: NY Post: Today more phony than normal

As I walked south on Sixth Avenue this morning, like any thinking person, I declined two different people’s attempts to give me a free copy of the New York Post. Not really my kind of paper. It wasn’t until I got comfortable at my desk and read the day’s news, online natch, that I realized…

The world's largest swimming pool

Article: The world's largest swimming pool

Summer’s moved on from NYC and Autumn has arrived early. This is saddening as summer just does not seem to last as long these days (maybe it is because NYC has become the new Seattle). So when I stumbled upon these pictures in the Los Angeles Times of the world’s largest swimming pool I immediately…

Art and sour cream on the High Line

Article: Art and sour cream on the High Line

The High Line continues to be a hit here in NYC. This summer the park’s popularity has been enormous and will only continue to grow if these guys keep doing fun, innovative things with the space. Case in point was yesterday’s launch of High Line Art, which is a series of commissions and creative partnerships…

Take a bow, or not

Article: Take a bow, or not

As Fashion Week winds down here in the Big Apple and the dust settles many a gay are left talking about what’s happening in fashion. Yes, we gays discuss fashion. I know, shocking.

The press is picking up on a new trend that even I, one of the biggest gays in this oh-so gay town, could not possibly pull off. Bows. Yes, those bows. The ones on Minnie Mouse’s head and your Prom date’s satin pink dress. Those bows.

David Byrne's perfect city

Article: David Byrne's perfect city

It’s odd to me that I am linking to two Wall Street Journal stories in as many days but I just ran across this funny little video they did accompanying David Byrne, he of Talking Heads fame, to Brookyn via bikes. Byrne was a judge in a citywide competition to design new bike racks for New York City. He was so into the project that he designed his own. Included are giant shoes, dollar signs (for the Wall Street area natch) and dogs. The video is cute.