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Science Barge at the New York City Piers

Article: Science Barge at the New York City Piers

On May 4th, a Science Barge docked at one of the New York City piers to demonstrate hydroponic gardening techniques. In a wonderful display of ingenuity and scientific prowess, New York Sun Works, a non-profit environmental organization, created “the Science Barge, a combination of an environmental education center and potential model for sustainable urban agriculture….”…

Refreshingly Unusual Republican Mayor

Article: Refreshingly Unusual Republican Mayor

From May 14th – May 17th, city leadership from all over the world gathered at the “C40 Large Cities Climate Summit” to ascertain possible steps to limit the pollution generated by cities. Mayor Bloomberg and Bill Clinton were two of the most notable keynote speakers. Interestingly enough, Bloomberg does not have a firm record on…