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Keith Richards apologetic signature

Article: Keith Richards apologetic signature

The New York Public Library shared this amusing anecdote from Keith Richards’ visit in October. While Keef was waiting ‘backstage’ in the center before the talk, he unexpectedly lit up a cigarette in Marie’s office, and grabbed the clay saucer underneath the orchid for a makeshift ash tray. He then asked for the window to…

Mark Twain's 70th birthday dinner menu

Article: Mark Twain's 70th birthday dinner menu

From their historical collection of menus (among the largest in the world), the New York Public Library, in honor of this beloved American author’s recent birthday, posted the dinner menu for Mark Twain’s 70th birthday celebration which was held in 1835 at Delmonico’s in NYC. Mark Twain is enjoying a resurgence as his recently published…

Caturdays at NYPL

Article: Caturdays at NYPL

The New York Public Library’s Tumblr posted the first of a weekend segment that jumps on the Caturday meme (a day devoted to LOLcats) by using material from their photo archives, such as the picture above. The file copy affixed to the back of the photo is amusing: Susie, the famous smiling kitten, expresses annoyance…

Vintage photos from past NYC Marathons

Article: Vintage photos from past NYC Marathons

Browse online the New York Public Library’s collection of photos from past NYC Marathons, such as the above image which was taken on 1st Avenue between 76th and 77th Streets at the 1979 race. No iPods, no Foursquare check-ins, and no silly costumes. [Via]