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New York Sleeps

Article: New York Sleeps

Exhibiting currently at London’s Wapping Project Bankside is Christopher Thomas’ photo series of iconic landmarks in New York City devoid of people. The artist spent a few years on this project, which required a lot of early mornings while using a custom-made large format camera.

Taxi cabs for the future

Article: Taxi cabs for the future

This is the year that New York City is suppose to announce the winner of its “Taxi of Tomorrow” competition. The New York Times’ blog Opinionator thinks the contest guidelines aren’t imaginative and challenging enough to truly produce a taxi cab for our future. So, “artist/inventor (and former R&D guy for Honda) Steven M. Johnson”…

Because at Least One Person on This Page Will Be Justly Famous by 2010

Article: Because at Least One Person on This Page Will Be Justly Famous by 2010

In 2005, New York Magazine published an article called “Because at Least One Person on This Page Will Be Justly Famous by 2010” where they profiled “up-and-coming” 27 New Yorkers. While some did indeed become famous (depending on the audience) such as Matthew Yglesias and Donald Glover, the magazine recently looked back at their list…

Dance party song, "Barbra Streisand"

Article: Dance party song, "Barbra Streisand"

“Barbra Streisand” is an amazing dance song and video by D.J. duo Duck Sauce (A-Trak and Van Helden) that captures the love, with some irony and humor, the cool kids have for New York City. Watching it makes me want to put on my Reebok pump kicks, skinny jeans, Opening Ceremony shirt, and head to…

NYC's 4th Annual Naughty Auction benefiting the National AIDS Fund

Article: NYC's 4th Annual Naughty Auction benefiting the National AIDS Fund

If you’re in New York City next Thursday night and want something fun and fabulous to do, go to the 4th annual Naughty Auction benefiting the National AIDS Fund (which leverages resources, develops leadership and advocacy, and fosters community innovation to prevent new HIV infections and care for people living with HIV/AIDS). The party, held…

Q&A With Artist Robbie Conal

Article: Q&A With Artist Robbie Conal

Robbie Conal was born in New York City in 1944. He studied art at San Francisco State University and obtained his MFA at Stanford University before moving to Los Angeles in 1984. It was during this time in the 1980s that he combined his art with his social concerns: politics, power and the abuses of both.

Realizing the limited opportunities for art institutions to showcase his work, he transferred his paintings to posters and showcased them on the streets of Los Angeles with the help of his volunteer “guerrilla army.”

His books include “Art Attack: The Midnight Politics of A Guerrilla Artist” and “Artburn.”

Sundance Channel caught up with Robbie at his studio in California to discuss his background, influences, work, and future projects.

Insanely realistic models of defunct NYC storefronts.

Article: Insanely realistic models of defunct NYC storefronts.

Artist Randy Hage has been “documenting and replicating NYC storefronts that are disappearing due to gentrification and urban renewal” by creating insanely detailed, realistic and lifelike miniature models of these storefronts, including this (now defunct) donut shop in my old neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. I used to visit it for the occasional healthy breakfast…

Just Kids

Article: Just Kids

I have a few new obsessions and they’re not your typical gay ones either. I have a new diva I am worshipping these days and she shies away from false lashes and sequined gowns. In fact she’s the anti-diva: grit replacing glimmer, harsh where others are soft. I bought Patti Smith‘s Just Kids on a…

Street advice

Article: Street advice

Designer and artist Candy Chang took to the streets of New York City with psych 101 questions stenciled on the pavement. She explains: Pedestrians in the city often find themselves walking in deep thought. A routine trip can prompt reflections on everything from future goals to last night’s dinner conversation. As people sacrifice personal time…

Summer fun in the hot city

Article: Summer fun in the hot city

GaGa shows off to the press. That’s my girl! Photo by Nick Laham / Getty Images.

With it being summer, I thought I’d put together a little cheat sheet about what’s hot in my imagination for this summer, my summer in the city.

Let’s face it, the last two years have been years of Gaga, but there is something so personal about her music and her style that inspires me every day. From the mini short clad dancers in her new “Alejandro” music video, to her whimsical display of her middle finger at major sporting events, there’s nothing not to love. Lady Gaga’s adoration for her fans is something that everyone who is blessed enough to have fans should learn from. There isn’t a morning, day or night in these hot months that I am not rocking my “Poker Face.”

Summer fashion isn’t always something that I go for, I have disproportionate leg muscles which can make shorts and issue, and my skin is paler than Casper’s, but I love letting some skin show and making my skinny rib statements on every hot, sticky, miserable day. Chanel has some amazing tanks from their summer collection, Garreth Pugh put out an insane pair of leather leggings for those frisky nights out grinding to the “thumpa thumpa” and J Brand has introduced “Jegging” shorts, which are basically denim inspired biker shorts that make my booty look glorious. I may prefer bundling up in fur for winter, but this summer there are a lot of hot things to try.


Article: NYC MTA FML

An Internet meme crossed into everyday real life when New York City’s beloved (note sarcasm) transit agency MTA updated a sign at a subway station at 14th Street and Sixth Avenue to reflect some service changes. The sign for train lines, F, V, and L was changed to F, M, and L. LOL! Bloggers quickly…

For rent: President Obama's old apartment

Article: For rent: President Obama's old apartment

142 West 109th Street, Apt 3E seems like a typical over-priced New York City apartment that is currently available and renting for $1,900 a month. It’s a one-bedroom on the third floor of a nondescript walk-up building as seen in the Google Street View snapshot above. Its claim to fame, however, is that President Obama…

Raven O's one night stand

Article: Raven O's one night stand

I throw the word legendary and iconic around loosely I know. But I really do think there are many, many talents in this world. And I think that if one is a legend or an icon, even among a small circle, then they’re worthy of praise. Inspiration is inspiration, simply put. One such icon, one…

Green tech finds (5/20/10)

Article: Green tech finds (5/20/10)

Poop, planes, and bikes… it’s green tech finds time.

  • Poop-powered data centers: Want to run a data center more sustainably? Start shoveling! Scientists from HP’s sustainable IT ecosystem lab presented the idea of powering these energy hogs by farm wastes at the ASME International Conference on Energy Sustainability. (via GreenTech Pastures… how appropriate!)

  • The low-emission airplane? A research team at MIT has presented an airplane concept to NASA that “…is likely to use 70 percent less fuel than existing ones while slashing noise and emission of nitrogen oxides.”
What do you do with a public art display when it comes down?

Article: What do you do with a public art display when it comes down?

For New York City-based artist Amy Wilson, the answer to that question was recycle it… into something useful that she could sell.

Wilson was one artist of many participating in the Downtown Alliance’s Re:Construction public art program, which “[recast] construction sites as canvasses for innovative public art and architecture.” Her work, It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around, was located at West Thames Park, and consisted of a 130′ x 5′ digital print on vinyl of original watercolor (her primary medium).

MetroCard art show

Article: MetroCard art show

A group art show, “Single Fare,” is on display through May 12 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the unifying theme centered around the useful, yet temperamental New York City MetroCard which is utilized by various artists as a blank canvas. Organized by Michael Kagan and Jean-Pierre Roy, this event was inspired by one of Roy’s students…

Subway etiquette public service announcements

Article: Subway etiquette public service announcements

New York City artist Jason Shelowitz hit a collective nerve with his spoof of MTA subway notice signs and using them as a PSA to address the annoying and impolite habits of some of his fellow straphangers. He printed 40 copies of 10 different PSAs. If you spot one, the artist encourages you to take…

New Yorker covers via iPhone art

Article: New Yorker covers via iPhone art

Artist Jorge Colombo now has four New Yorker covers under his belt, which may or may not be his preferred method of carrying his iPhone, which also happens to be the tool that he uses to create and paint the art for these covers. As the iPhone and the apps have built quite a active…

Back from Passover with Joan and Melissa Rivers

Article: Back from Passover with Joan and Melissa Rivers

Melissa, Sue (in a Charlize Theron inspired homemade outfit), Joan Rivers and me at Seder

So I had to make (yet another) trip back to Cali last week. But the good news is: it was totally disgusting in NYC and LA was sunny and fab! So there, take that, jet lag! And Karl was cool with it because he got to go. He only farted like twice on the plane, but at least he didn’t release the goods — you know, till he got outside. But hey — who am I to judge High Altitude Flatulence?

This time I was out there to shoot a pilot… vaguely along the lines of “speaking truth” — see last week’s blog — although not to Foxxy Brown — pretty much everyone else though. But I still can’t get over Foxxy. Heh. So while I was out there I chilled with my lil’ sis Emily and my big sister Sophie for a night — before heading to (YES THAT’S RIGHT!) Joan Rivers’ house for Passover! O hell yes!!!

Take This Job and Shove It

Article: Take This Job and Shove It

Paula Froelich kisses a giraffe in Kenya

Heh. So. I am trying to get a life. No. seriously. Quit my full time job at the New York Post on July 25, 2009 — otherwise known as “Independence Day” and yes, I played the Martina McBride song over and over as well as “Take This Job and Shove It” when I announced the news. So anyhoo. I have been enjoying life since then — went to Africa, Mexico, Sundance, LA several times, Oscars, you name it. But after a certain point in time, ennui starts to set in along with brain rot. And I will not Brain Rot! Unless, of course, it’s called for.

A Convent, A Church, A Crack House and a Nudist Gallery

Article: A Convent, A Church, A Crack House and a Nudist Gallery

Innocent Karl does not support nudists

I am obsessed with my street. I live on this crazy block in Soho that’s bookended by a convent and a church — with everything in between. And I do mean everything. There’s three restaurants, including a new vegan joint going in next month (Ack! Ew. Vegetarians are bad enough, but vegans? That’s taking shit a little too far!!!); a bar, three coffee shops, a knitting place (I hate knitters. They’re so smug), a quilting place (owned by the knitting people); a cheese store, a meat shop AND… a crack house and a nudist gallery.

8-bit NYC

Article: 8-bit NYC

The generations that grew up with the old school Nintendo gaming experience will particularly enjoy this interactive zoomable map of New York City created by Brett Camper that mimics the look and feel of the 8-bit video games from that era. Camper explains: 8-bit NYC is an attempt to make the city feel foreign yet…

Christoph Niemann's 2010 weather forecast

Article: Christoph Niemann's 2010 weather forecast

February 28: Local fog for bespectacled people entering warm room. Previously mentioned award-winning artist Christoph Niemann posted on his New York Times blog, Abstract City, an illustrated weather forecast for 2010. It’s quite amusing and oh-so-true, especially his prediction for “Spontaneous showers and umbrella purchases” on March 10, 2010. I think I went through over…

New York Sleeps

Article: New York Sleeps

Photographer Christopher Thomas snapped recognizable views of New York City devoid of its residents. Thomas’s project is different from that of say recently mentioned Matt Logue and his photographs of an empty Los Angeles due to Thomas’ usage of a custom large-format camera and Polaroid film. As the New York Times writes the “patient, unusual…

Visual history of a New York City block

Article: Visual history of a New York City block

Inspired by an attempt to learn more about the five story tenement building located today at 218 Eldridge Street in New York City that his great-great-grandfather lived in, Zach van Schouwen created a super cool interactive visual history or “a complete record of the life cycle” of this block located between Rivington and Stanton Street…