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CONTROL chronicles Joy Division's rise and Ian Curtis' fall

Article: CONTROL chronicles Joy Division's rise and Ian Curtis' fall

That Joy Division was able to lay a groundwork for experimental rock music that still resonates today is no surprise. Though it is no small feat. And much of it had to do with frontman Ian Curtis, who had the talent, discipline and mortal anxiety to convey a sentiment in his music that has influenced artists as diverse as Talking Heads, Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, U2, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Danny Brown. Anton Corbijn’s film CONTROL, which airs tonight at 8P, sheds light on the brief and dark life of Ian Curtis, who left the world his legacy at the spry age of 23.

George Michael covers New Order

Article: George Michael covers New Order

The above video is George Michael‘s odd yet infectious new single. It is a cover of the classic New Order techno-pop gem “True Faith,” a song released in 1987. “True Faith’s” always been my favorite New Order song. It’s aged well and it’s lyrics are dark and moody. The song in my eyes always summed up what it was like being gay as a kid. New Order’s video for the song was modern and Bauhaus inspired. It fused primary colored cartoon characters with ballet. The characters fought one another too.

Factory Records

Article: Factory Records

A friend of mine recently was explaining his obsession with Factory Records. The label was a Manchester-based independent record label in the influential in the late 70s and 80s and still today. Their roster included some groundbreaking artists: Joy Division, New Order, James, OMD, and Happy Mondays. And not only was the label focused on curating a beautiful,…

New band from a New Order

Article: New band from a New Order

Bernard Sumner has been a prolific musician the last few decades. He was a member of the iconic Joy Division which became the even more iconic New Order after the suicide of JD’s Ian Curtis. Word of New Order’s demise left a foul taste in the mouth of techno-pop fans across the world. Now, there…