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Eco-Map Improvement: Slideshow Feature

Article: Eco-Map Improvement: Slideshow Feature

Sundance Channel’s Eco-mmunity Map has just gotten better. A new feature called “Marker Slideshows” has gone live on the Eco-mmunity Map. This feature creates a slideshow out of any list of markers. You can generate a list of markers by going to one of Eco-mmunity’s preselected groups or you can search the map with keywords…

Fun and Creative E-Cards Launch in Eco-mmunity Website

Article: Fun and Creative E-Cards Launch in Eco-mmunity Website

There is a new feature available on the Eco-mmunity. Green E-cards are a wonderful way to communicate with past and present friends. There are many natural backgrounds and lots of placeable items that can spice up your Green E-card. You can type messages in your E-card with crossword puzzle style letters. Everything is adjustable in…

Ipod For You

Article: Ipod For You

Park City, Jan 23. In addition to weak beer, spicy chicken wings, and loud music, Sundance parties provide ideal networking opportunities. But how to show the person next to the steam table you’re up for the job? Up-and-coming cinematographer Jendra Jarnagin [] downloaded her reel onto her ipod and used it at the Technicolor party to show new friends her talent, a gesture that may have landed her gig shooting a new feature.