Drinking at the neighborhood dumpster

Article: Drinking at the neighborhood dumpster

What’s your favorite watering hole or coffee shop? If you answer “The dumpster down the street,” then (hopefully) you’re familiar with the FOUNDation Project, a creation of Dutch designers Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten.

Green tech finds: Child's play edition

Article: Green tech finds: Child's play edition

Developing green technology isn’t child’s play, but children’s games can certainly inspire new ideas. Playground equipment made from old wind turbines, and a solar powered night light are just two of this week’s green tech finds.

The Netherlands' new "invisible bridge"

Article: The Netherlands' new "invisible bridge"

As a New Yorker, I’m rightfully proud of our bridges, not just for their aesthetic qualities, but as a practical matter – they’re our lifelines to the outside world in the event we have to evacuate due to a zombie invasion. And I don’t envy other cities’ bridges, because basically, anything you can do, we can do better – or already have four of. That said, the “invisible” bridge (pictured above) located in the Netherlands made my jaw drop and I became instantly envious that we didn’t have one here in The City…

Photographer Ellen Kooi at PPOW Gallery

Article: Photographer Ellen Kooi at PPOW Gallery

The work of Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi is as dramatic as it is mysterious. Like her previous work, Kooi’s latest set of photographs, “Out of Sight,” is set in a variety of natural landscapes in the Netherlands. These images are over-saturated and hyperreal, often highlighting the struggle between man and nature. A small group of people pick their way across bleak terrain or a solitary figure fights with or acquiesces to the mysterious forces of nature. She favors highly stylized scenes with a single child or adolescent, always in a desolate landscape – a forest, a swamp, a prairie.

Energy, water efficient vertical farming: PlantLab

Article: Energy, water efficient vertical farming: PlantLab

While proponents of conventional and organic farming continue to debate the agricultural methods that can feed a world of six to nine billion people, they have one thing in common: both generally focus on land-based farming. While that seems like a no-brainer, indoor agriculture is as old as the greenhouse… and has become significantly more sexy with the concept of the vertical farm. To date, many of the ideas about growing food and plants in skyscraper-like buildings are just that: concepts.

Dutch research company PlantLab is a step beyond that: they’ve been experimenting with a completely controlled environment for growing food, and found that not only could it help meet growing food demand, but do so with significantly lower energy, chemical, and water inputs.

Tandem bike + cargo bike = greener moving solution

Article: Tandem bike + cargo bike = greener moving solution

Transportation for moving usually means a friend’s truck or a rented van… any bicycles involved are usually loaded into one of those options. Two students from the Netherlands’ Delft University for Technology, however, have created a concept in which a bike is the moving vehicle. The Vrachtfiets (which translates as “cargo bike”) is a recumbent tandem bike with electrical assist, and designed to forgo gas-guzzling options for short moves.