Natural Born Killers

5 girls so bad they're good

Article: 5 girls so bad they're good

Talk about strong female characters who aren’t afraid to challenge notions of violence and femininity. In HARD CANDY, airing tonight at 10P, Ellen Page plays a 14-year-old vigilante takes on a pedophile, messing with his head — and ours. We’re supposed to tell you violence won’t solve the world’s problems, but let’s be honest: Sometimes, payback’s a bitch. Here are five of our favorite film girls who are so bad, they’re good.

Weekly movie trailer roundup: Woody Harrelson in RAMPART vs. NATURAL BORN KILLERS

Article: Weekly movie trailer roundup: Woody Harrelson in RAMPART vs. NATURAL BORN KILLERS

You’ve seen Woody Harrelson flex his bad boy-ness before in movies like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, and most notably in NATURAL BORN KILLERS. Now he’s back, and badder than ever, as they say, in Oren Moverman’s RAMPART. Moverman, who directed Harrelson in his 2009 film THE MESSENGER, reunited him and his costar Ben Foster in the “story about the LAPD’s disgraced Rampart division, with a script originally written by LA crime master James Ellroy.”

A recent SlashFilm blog post claims that the trailer for RAMPART makes “BAD LIEUTENANT looks like a boy scout.” Such an outrageous claim demanded my immediate judgment call. And after watching it, I’d have to say I agree. Harrelson is the seriously bad cop to Ice Cube’s good cop. He drinks up a storm and shoots at whatever and whomever he wants. He drops classy pick up lines like “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen – in this bar,” and spouts wisdom like “I’m not a racist. I hate everyone equally.” (A revival, of sorts, of one of my favorite W.C. Fields quotations, “I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.”)