Green tech finds (8/5/10)

Article: Green tech finds (8/5/10)

NASCAR, bicycles, and recycled guns… your green tech finds for the week.

It all started with the bicycle: Trade pub Mechanical Engineering sings praises to the bicycle… not only as an engineering breakthrough for its time, but also as a “platform” for other transportation developments.
NASCAR goes solar: Well, sort of… the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania now operates the tenth-largest solar farm in the US (and the biggest of any sports arena in the world).

In Defense of "Hicks From the Sticks"

Article: In Defense of "Hicks From the Sticks"

Walking my son to daycare this morning, I passed a corner store to see the New York Daily News on the rack with Sarah Palin’s perky face above the blaring headline “The Great Palin Debate: Is she a modern role model or just a hick From the sticks?” No, no, no, I thought, This just…