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The Alternative Guide to Summer Films

Article: The Alternative Guide to Summer Films

Paul Rudd in this summer’s OUR IDIOT BROTHER. The time has come for summer film releases, and we wouldn’t dream of a better way to spend the hot days. Summer, great films, and air conditioned movie theaters simply go together. From notable directors to surefire blockbusters to Sundance Festival favorites, we’ve got your Alternative Summer…

Sundance 2011 = Officially Over

Article: Sundance 2011 = Officially Over

(Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images)
It’s been a long week—exhilarating, grueling, and never, ever dull—but Sundance 2011 is officially over. The stars, the studio executives, and the filmmakers have all packed up their North Face gear and headed home, wherever that may be.

Looking back on the last several days, there were some amazing, quintessentially Sundance-ian moments. We got to meet Robert Redford! We got to talk to young, idealistic, and extremely talented new artists (Brit Marling, Mike Cahill, for instance) whom we will certainly be hearing more from, and who are a reminder of Sundance’s real purpose (beyond an excuse to see a lot of great movies in the middle of a snowy paradise). As Marling told us, just following the premiere of ANOTHER EARTH, “I feel so lucky to be a part of this. Sundance is bringing together all these people and you know, brings them all into this little, this tiny town in the middle of the snow, and everyone can just talk and revel in ideas and make them into realities. It’s pretty awesome.”

Interview: Paul Rudd and Zooey Deschanel on MY IDIOT BROTHER

Article: Interview: Paul Rudd and Zooey Deschanel on MY IDIOT BROTHER

MY IDIOT BROTHER director Jesse Peretz, Paul Rudd and Zooey Deschanel visit the Honda Power of Dreams Studio, Sundance Channel HQ Want to see more? Check out clips from the festival here. Be sure to satisfy all your festival needs with the latest buzz, top stories, and celebrity interviews from Sundance Channel’s coverage of the…

Sunday Morning Deal Making

Article: Sunday Morning Deal Making

By Sunday morning, with the snow taking a break and the sun shining, the deal-making aspect of Sundance finally kicked into high gear. Woohoo!

Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions announced that they’d closed a deal for MARGIN CALL, the Kevin Spacey financial thriller that excited early interest from buyers and is considered one of the more broad-reaching films here.

Paul Rudd Tackles MY IDIOT BROTHER

Article: Paul Rudd Tackles MY IDIOT BROTHER

With his MY IDIOT BROTHER, Jesse Peretz seeks to follow in the delicate footsteps of successful dramatic-comedy hybrids from past Sundance Film Festivals like LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and “(500) DAYS OF SUMMER,” the Los Angeles Times notes. Paul Rudd plays the film’s bearded, Croc-wearing, granola-eating, idealistic title character, who works his way through the households…