Muslims Wearing Things

Article: Muslims Wearing Things

Former NPR news analyst and now Fox News commentator Juan Williams found himself in hot water after he stated that he feared seeing “people who are in Muslim garb.” In response Muslims Wearing Things is a single serve humorous Tumblr blog focused on “pictures of Muslims wearing all sorts of things in an attempt to…

FOUR LIONS: can terrorism ever be safe for comedy?

Article: FOUR LIONS: can terrorism ever be safe for comedy?

FOUR LIONS, a comedy about terrorism at the Sundance Film Festival 2010

FOUR LIONS, a pitch-black farce that begins with jihadi-video bloopers, raises some obvious questions. Are jokes about suicide bombers in poor taste? Is it too soon to be finding the hilarity in extreme radicalism? Can terrorism ever be safe for comedy? But if FOUR LIONS proves anything, it’s that “safety” and “taste” are irrelevant concepts for a comedy about such a deadly serious subject; whatever larger meaning we might glean from the film comes from the inherent danger of the project and from the discomfort it provokes.