Global warming and art: what a difference five years makes…

Article: Global warming and art: what a difference five years makes…

Five years ago, activist, writer and professor Bill McKibben published an essay at Grist calling for artists to step up and address one of the most pressing issues facing humanity: climate change (The Day After Tomorrow and State of Fear just weren’t doing it for him). We don’t know if artists responded directly to McKibben’s call; we do know that we’ve seen much more creative work on global warming since then. Visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers have all engaged the subject, creating some compelling, thoughtful work.

Last week, Grist commemorated McKibben’s essay by launching a series on artistic creation that addresses climate change.

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale

Article: Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale

The World Science Festival has just begun to release some clips from this year’s festival which was held in June 2009. One of the most notable is from “Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus” where Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale, using audience participation. World Science Festival 2009: Bobby…

Madonna as a Warholian prototype

Article: Madonna as a Warholian prototype

Madonna was friends with Andy Warhol. He and Keith Haring gave her a collaborative painting for her wedding to Sean Penn in 1985. But, due most likely to Warhol’s untimely death, the pop princess was never one of his portrait subjects. Until now. In an homage to Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, and her own iconic status…

Grace Jones – a mad hatter

Article: Grace Jones – a mad hatter

Gay icon and scary woman Grace Jones is on tour. Relics of the 1980s continue to tour – look at Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys – but I am especially excited about Ms. Jones coming to town. The onetime fashion model turned Warhol muse turned chanteuse has remained remarkably youthful in appearance over…

The Crystal Method: Exclusive "Behind-the-scenes" look at Divided By Night

Article: The Crystal Method: Exclusive "Behind-the-scenes" look at Divided By Night

Comprised of Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan, THE CRYSTAL METHOD is one of the best-selling electronica bands in the United States. They’ve come a long way since their debut album, Vegas (’97), which went platinum…a feat that most electronic bands can only dream of. Having earned their reputation for creating explosive live sets throughout the 90′s, the duo has gone beyond studio mixing and DJ-ing to scoring film, television, and video games. During a hiatus following the release of Community Service II (’05), Kirkland and Jordan took a break from live performance and focused on other projects like their first original motion picture soundtrack for LONDON, Nike’s Drive: Nike + Original Run, and the deluxe edition of Vegas which contained various remixes.

Divided By Night is their latest album and is their “re-introduction” into performing live sets once again. Recently seeing them in concert, Lara Marsman of BILLBOARD.COM said that they “still perform as they did fifteen years ago, even after a five-year hiatus, demonstrating why they are the original gangsters of electronic music.”

Read more about The Crystal Method and view the exclusive behind-the-scenes video!

Moby and David Lynch – Dynamic Duo

Article: Moby and David Lynch – Dynamic Duo

While listening to filmmaker David Lynch speak at the BAFTA Awards in February 2008, Moby had an epiphany. Lynch’s message – creativity for its own sake is a beautiful, wonderful thing – was a simple one, but it hit Moby with the force of the Zen master’s cane. “At that moment, I decided to just…

SUNfiltered music videos

Article: SUNfiltered music videos

For this weekly entry, be sure to plug in your headphones or turn up your speakers. Here are five buzzy music videos circulating around the Internet that I found catchy and visually stimulating. Enjoy.

1. Popular mashup artist DJ Earworm’s latest includes Kanye’s “Heartless” and The Police, “Message in a Bottle,” as well as some others.

The musical stylings of Robyn Hitchcock

Article: The musical stylings of Robyn Hitchcock

Known for his offbeat humor, absurdist lyrics and stream-of-consciousness riffs, singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock returns to Sundance Channel in this original concert film shot in New York in late 2008. Here the cult favorite — dressed in a polka-dotted shirt and matching guitar — is joined by Terry Edwards on keyboards, horns, bass and piano and Captain Tim Keegan on guitar to perform songs from his 1984 album I OFTEN DREAM OF TRAINS, including “Cathedral” and “I Used to Say I Love You.” John Edginton directs.

Read more about Robyn Hitchcock…

Suckers they are not

Article: Suckers they are not

The half-filled room at Brooklyn’s Bell House Tuesday night was good testing ground for Suckers (no The, just Suckers) who will soon go from playing to a handful of their friend’s friends to hundreds of people this summer. With their pop/rock/electronic sound and a propinquity for the keyboard (they play with four), Suckers are an appropriate pairing for MGMT who they’ll open for at an already sold out show at the Prospect Park Bandshell July 1st, followed by a month long residency at Piano’s where you can see them every Thursday night.

White conservatives can't rap

Article: White conservatives can't rap

A couple of young conservatives put together this rap video to “promote constructive debate and tolerance”: [via Talking Points Memo.]

Vivid Sydney : a burst of creativity and light

Article: Vivid Sydney : a burst of creativity and light

One of Eno’s brilliant lightworks projected onto Utzon’s masterpiece. Photo credit :

If you find yourself in the Land Down Under in the next month or so, be sure to make a stop in Sydney for the inaugural Vivid Sydney. Developed by Events NSW in partnership with the City Of Sydney, it will be the biggest international music and light festival in the Southern Hemisphere, showcasing the city as a major creative hub in the Asia-Pacific region and celebrating the diversity of Sydney’s creative industries.

Eat your heart out, Naked Cowboy

Article: Eat your heart out, Naked Cowboy

In case you missed mention of Matt and Kim‘s latest video in a recent post by fellow SUNfiltered blogger Matthew Rodriguez, we thought it deserved another look (at least from the Naked Love perspective):

Countdown to Veckatimest

Article: Countdown to Veckatimest

The Grizzly Bears boys must be exhausted. Everywhere you turn, from the The New Yorker to blogs big and small, their faces grace yet another insightful interview or glowing review. They’ve probably generated enough buzz to last them through to their next album. What the Internet does not need then is more commentary (or even…

SUNFiltered music videos (05/08/2009)

Article: SUNFiltered music videos (05/08/2009)

Here’s your weekly round up of music videos circulating around the Internet tubes:

Matt and Kim strip down naked in Times Square in this music video for “Lessons Learned.” Watch until the very end for a little surprise.

More videos inside.

How f'ing romantic

Article: How f'ing romantic

comic by Dani Lurie This is what the internet is for: How Fucking Romantic is a brand new, wicked cool blog that’s illustrating the Magnetic Fields album “69 Love Songs,” one by one: We are a loose collection of mostly London-based comic-artists, illustrators and writers, who have grown up listening to  the Magnetic Fields and…

SUNFiltered fave music videos

Article: SUNFiltered fave music videos

To end your work week on a musical note, each Friday we plan to bring you a roundup of some of our favorite and most creative music videos circulating around the Internets. Here’s our first selection – more after the jump.

Fight Like Apes – Tie Me up in Jackets from Eoghan Kidney on Vimeo.

Over 1300 paintings were created for this video. [Via]

Jazz history in iTunes U

Article: Jazz history in iTunes U

I’ve been using the iTunes Music Store pretty much since the day it launched, but I’ve never really spent any time poking around iTunes U, the section of the store devoted to podcasts, videotaped lectures, and other content from universities, museums, and similar institutions. Participants include the Museum of Modern Art, the Tate Modern, the…

Arturo Sandoval – Backstage at Iridium Jazz Club (Part 2)

Article: Arturo Sandoval – Backstage at Iridium Jazz Club (Part 2)

ARTURO SANDOVAL SHAKING THINGS UP ON PERCUSSION BETWEEN SETS WITH ARTURO SANDOVAL (PART 2): caught up with the legendary Cuban-born trumpeter, composer, pianist, percussionist and, yes, scatter (!) between shows at the world-famous Iridium Jazz Club just north of Times Square in New York City this past Saturday night. Be sure to read Part…

Tax form dress

Article: Tax form dress

In preparation for a performance her band booked for April 15th, Tax Day, singer Britt Savage created this topical dress from strips of the pink Child and Dependent Care 1040A forms as well as some individual tax forms. Hope you remembered to file, kids!

Rock It Green: 3 musical acts with an environmental message

Article: Rock It Green: 3 musical acts with an environmental message

Sure, you’ve heard about environmental efforts by Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam, and Neil Young. But Eco Elvis? That’s right, babuh: a handful of lesser-known acts have gone “all green all the time,” with music focused on lightening their (and our) footprint on the planet. Eco Elvis: “Born” in 1997, this Kansas City-based Elvis impersonator has…

Music Video Spotlight: Amadou & Mariam, Sabali

Article: Music Video Spotlight: Amadou & Mariam, Sabali

Watch a quietly captivating unofficial music video concept for the catchy single, Sabali from Malian duo Amadou & Mariam. Their hotly anticipated album Welcome to Mali was recently released stateside on March 24. You can stream the entire album on their website. I’ll never look at two empty chairs the same way again! And here’s…

Composing some Thoughts on Film Music

Article: Composing some Thoughts on Film Music

Someone once said, “Trying to discuss music is like trying to dance about architecture.” Or maybe it was “Talking about music…,” or perhaps “Writing about music…”

Cassidy Loves Moby Premieres on

Article: Cassidy Loves Moby Premieres on

They’re finally here, episodes 1 and 2 of’s newest series of digital shorts, CASSIDY LOVES MOBY. In these first two episodes, we are introduced to Cassidy, an intense little doll, that has been haunted by recurring dreams of musician and recording artist, Moby. Compelled to understand the meaning of these visions from her unconscious, she embarks on a quest to meet Moby at Sundance in Park City, Utah where he reports he will be in attendance in his blog. Will Cassidy find her answers? Will meeting the man of her dreams bring her peace of mind? Will she and Moby hook up?!? Find out by watching the first two episodes in this hilarious 4 part series.

Cassidy Loves Moby: Online Mini-series

Article: Cassidy Loves Moby: Online Mini-series

CASSIDY LOVES MOBY is a series of four short films starring Moby and a curvy plastic Barbie-type doll that falls in love with him at the Sundance Film Festival. The films were shot on location at Sundance ’08, where Moby appeared and performed with his band “The Little Death.”

Being Prepared

Article: Being Prepared

In a brilliant display of color and music, the second act of David Driver’s SOMETIMES THE DREAM IS REAL confronts the media’s portrayal of the presidential race.