Scissor Sisters "News" broadcast from US tour

Article: Scissor Sisters "News" broadcast from US tour

Scissor Sisters are in the middle of the US leg of their tour to support their new album, Night Work, so Scissor Sisters News just released this update: Katy Perry Watches Adam Lambert Make Out with [lead singer] Jake Shears. Check it out to see the silly backstage shenanigans and get some serious kissing tips…

The Ballad of Steven Slater (the JetBlue guy)

Article: The Ballad of Steven Slater (the JetBlue guy)

When I first heard about the JetBlue flight attendant story, I presciently tweeted that this will be the “Must Read NYC Story of the Day.” In case you’ve been living in a cave the past couple days and don’t know what I’m referring to, here’s a short summary. The Jet Blue flight attendant in the center of the storm Steven Slater dealt with an abusive passenger by cursing over the plane intercom (it went something like this: “F— you! F— all of you! I’m f—— through with this! I’VE HAD IT! I’ve been doing this for 28 f—— years and I can’t take it anymore. And for the f—– a—–who told me to f— off: f— you! That’s it! I’m done! F— you all!”), then dramatically deplaning via the emergency exit slide – but not before grabbing a couple beers for the road.

What’s been remarkable about the story is generally how united the public has been in supporting Steven and saying the passenger is the one who should’ve been arrested. Many are paying tribute and calling him a folk hero. A Washington Post poll asked “Were flight attendant Steven Slater’s alleged actions justifiable?” 43 percent selected “Legendary. He stole a beer AND activated the slide” and 29% said it was “Completely justified. Travelers are so impatient these days.” Slater has tapped into a national frustration.

Over at Metafilter, one MeFite Astro Zombie penned “The Ballad of Steven Slater” which Josh Millard aka Cortex (a MeFi moderator) then put to song. It’s fantastic. I know pilot Captain Sully was the hero for 2009, but I don’t remember anyone writing a song about him. Steven Slater is the new Sully of 2010. Full lyrics after the jump.

Robyn's Bitch Track

Article: Robyn's Bitch Track

Robyn, the Swedish disco-pop songstress, embarking on a tour with Kelis this summer has released her first of three slated albums this year already. I’ve highlighted the first single, “Dancing On My Own,” here already. The song “Killing Me” is equally as mesmerizing. The video is quite remarkable too. The song sees Robyn, repeatedly, saying…

Books: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Article: Books: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

We really should have some kind of back-stabbing, cat-fighting (or at least pillow-fighting) relationship with Erin Bradley — author of the new book Every Rose Has Its Thorn: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Field Guide to Guys — seeing as she picked up where we left off at She’s been their advice lady now for five years. But we’re bigger people than that. Okay, we’re not, but she’s really sweet and very funny and gives solid advice — what’s not to like?

The book examines ten different types of guys, based on rock stars you know and love-slash-hate, as a means of giving straight women advice about their dating and sex lives. In other words, there’s a lot to be learned from trying to figure out if Morrissey would make a better boyfriend or booty call. If we were to judge a book by its cover, we’d never have picked this one up. But fortunately we’re not that superficial (and fortunately it’s much cooler-looking inside). Here are some of our favorite quotes about the ten different types covered in the book:

Neil Young's GREENDALE comes to print

Article: Neil Young's GREENDALE comes to print

Iconic rocker Neil Young wasted no time in crafting a response to the launch of the war in Iraq, and the larger political and cultural forces he saw motivating it: the concept album Greendale came out in August, 2003, a mere six months after the first attacks were launched. Since then, Young has recrafted the story of Sun Green and her family into a live rock opera, a film (which he directed under the pseudonym Bernard Shakey), and, of course, a website (though, as you might expect, not the usual promotional site).

Our crush of the week: 6th grader performing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi"

Article: Our crush of the week: 6th grader performing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi"

Okay, it may be a stretch that we’re covering this in the Naked Love category of SUNfiltered, but we’re totally smitten with Greyson Chance (what a name!), the 6th grader who recently did  a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a school event. No singing lessons, only three years of piano! He’s so good even…

Little girls do "Single Ladies" and the women's movement takes two dance steps backwards

Article: Little girls do "Single Ladies" and the women's movement takes two dance steps backwards

Wrong. This is just plain wrong. Think “Little Miss Sunshine” — except this is real life. We really hate agreeing with Fox News (it’s like one of the signs of the coming Apocalypse), but 8 year old girls should not be dressed up in sexy Pussy Cat Doll outfits and then taught how to gyrate…

Christina Aguilera replaces "vajayjay" with "woohoo"

Article: Christina Aguilera replaces "vajayjay" with "woohoo"

We’re predicting the big pop hit of the summer is here — and it’s a going to be an anthem for girls nights out all over the country. For Christina Aguilera’s new song “Woohoo” featuring Nicki Minaj (from her album Bionic out this June) is all about the joys of cunnilingus. Best line ever: “All the boys think it’s cake when they taste my (woohoo), you don’t even need a plate, just your face, ha.” Ha indeed!

An interview with Simon Curtis

Article: An interview with Simon Curtis

While in LA I chatted with Simon Curtis, who I featured on SUNfiltered a little while back.

Simon, you’re everywhere all of a sudden. Where did you come from?
Well, technically I was born in Michigan and raised in Oklahoma, but I think you mean career-wise, ha. I started performing in musical theater and opera when I was 10, moved to LA right after graduating, starred in a Nickelodeon movie musical two years later and did some other television work, and wrote and co-produced my first album back in October which was just released three weeks ago for free online. Quite a run-on sentence there, but it about sums it all up!

Single Ladies, a Motown tribute

Article: Single Ladies, a Motown tribute

This fun video that remixes Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” and syncs it with past videos of Motown singers is the perfect example of what would happen if a rip in the very fabric of time occurred and the years of 2008-09 merged with the 1960s. This remix in of itself as well as its rapidly…

Sex, drugs, and carbon emissions: Pearl Jam to offset '09 tour

Article: Sex, drugs, and carbon emissions: Pearl Jam to offset '09 tour

Is there such thing as a green rock star? I know my colleague Chris Baskind of More Minimal doesn’t think so: adding up the environmental impact just from touring makes the concept difficult to swallow.

While I agree with Chris in principle, I’ve got to admit that I like any genuine effort that a band makes to lighten its environmental footprint… and Pearl Jam’s announcement of its carbon mitigation strategy for last year’s world tour (as well as upcoming time on the road) has a lot to recommend it.

One-Night Stand Wisdom from '80s Song Lyrics

Article: One-Night Stand Wisdom from '80s Song Lyrics

When we published “How to Greet a Former One-Night Stand” on our site last week, Madamoiselle L suggested the worst way ever to do so: “Hey, how are you doing? Oh, I’d like you to meet your son.” To which Spes responded, “Wasn’t there an ’80s song about that?” Reader SS to the rescue! “Googling this was much more fun than folding laundry,” posted SS, “which is what I’m supposed to be doing.” So here, thanks to SS (and Madamoiselle L and Spes for the inspiration), are the weirdest — or, at least, most specific — lyrics about a one-night stand that we’ve ever heard.

New crazy-awesome video from Ok Go

Article: New crazy-awesome video from Ok Go

Ok Go is an indie band that has mastered viral marketing with clever, innovative one-shot vids for their songs. First there was “A Million Ways,” in which they did an awesome little dance routine in someone’s backyard. Then they upped the ante with a choreographed number on a set of treadmills for “Here I Go Again.” Then came “WTF?” — its psychedonkulous colors and patterns made you go WTF when you watch it (here’s how they did that one). Now, for the song “This Too Shall Pass” from their new album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky,” they’ve done it again — even better! It’s a giant Rube Goldberg machine in a two-story warehouse that moves along in perfect freakin’ synch with the song, all captured in one glorious take (after more than 60s tries over two days). You can read all about how they did it in this Wired article. Or, after the jump, check out the four video installments of “The Making of TTSP“:

Transverse Temporal Gyrus: A Psychedelic Evening with Animal Collective and Danny Perez

Article: Transverse Temporal Gyrus: A Psychedelic Evening with Animal Collective and Danny Perez

Traverse Temporal Gyrus at The Guggenheim. Photo credit: Celia Quinnette

Upon entering the psychedelic bat cave that was Traverse Temporal Gyrus (the latest installation at The Guggenheim from Animal Collective and film artist Danny Perez), you were immediately bathed in a surreal environment of swirling sound and floating images. The museum was abuzz last night as fans crowded in for this special one-day collaborative exhibit. Selling out almost instantly, The Guggenheim had to add an earlier show to accommodate the spiked interest.

Ricky Gervais, 80's pop star

Article: Ricky Gervais, 80's pop star

Ricky Gervais has been popping up more than usual as of late to promote his new and funny HBO animated series. I wish all the talk shows he appears on would also air this certain clip from a music video. It shows Ricky from the 1980′s as a front man doing his best androgynous Bowie impersonation for new wave band Seona Dancing.

MTV's first day

Article: MTV's first day

MTV recently updated their logo (analysis here) to downplay their former music life, while emphasizing their ‘reality’ and lifestyle programming today. It’s common knowledge that “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles was the first song aired ever on this new and revolutionary channel when it launched on August 1, 1981, but in remembrance…

Interactive music table

Article: Interactive music table

Noteput – Interactive music table from Jonas Heuer on Vimeo.

A very cool proof of concept by Jürgen Graef & Jonas Heuer that would’ve been useful to me when I was trying unsuccessfuly to learn basic and fundamental music theory in elementary school.

“Notput” is an interactive music table with tangible notes, that combines all three senses of hearing, sight and touch to make learning the classical notation of music for children and pupils more easy and interesting.

Billie Ray Martin returns

Article: Billie Ray Martin returns

Billie Ray Martin should be a household name. Her voice is epic. It recalls Aretha and soul singers of another era. Ms. Martin is German. And white. And loves the Pet Shop Boys and electronic music. And disco. She’s always been a bit before her time. And those are the reasons why she’s not a bigger star. She may be too talented.

Online piano

Article: Online piano

Play the piano online right within this recently posted single YouTube video. There’s been a growth of what I like to think of as dynamic YouTube videos and this piano is a great example of how people are adapting YouTube into a more interactive experience. Have fun, kids, and let me know if you want…

Pet Shop Boys in your living room

Article: Pet Shop Boys in your living room

One lucky fan in England received the star treatment last week as my heroes the Pet Shop Boys played a surprise set in her living room. Lorraine Sands of Twickenham, south west London, oh how I hate you! Ms. Sands won a competition put on by the BRIT Awards, the UK’s version of the Grammys. The BRITS turned 30 this year and hosted a competition with the Pet Shop Boys. The winner would receive an in-home show by the iconic techno-poppers.

Trashy sounds from David Ellis and Roberto Carlos Lange

Article: Trashy sounds from David Ellis and Roberto Carlos Lange

These must-watch “kinetic sound installations” by David Ellis and Roberto Carlos Lange are something kind of wonderful. Watch and listen as the innocuous pile of trash comes alive to beat. I kept expecting to see Oscar the Grouch make an appearance. View more here.

Making music at Sundance

Article: Making music at Sundance

Still from ODDSAC.

Music is surely a strong theme at this year’s Sundance Film Festival: In Sam Taylor Wood’s NOWHERE BOY, a teenage, pre-Beatles John Lennon finds an escape from his dysfunctional family through music (watch a clip here). The band Animal Collective will debut the film it has spent years collaborating on with Danny Perez, ODDSAC, a psychedelic mix of abstract music and visuals. TWILIGHT’s Kristen Stewart stars as rocker Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning plays Jett’s bandmate Cherie Currie in Floria Sigismondi’s rock-and-roll biopic THE RUNAWAYS. And that’s just for example.

Raindrop melody maker

Article: Raindrop melody maker

Here’s your today’s bit of procrastinating fun: Click on over to Lullatone, a “raindrop melody maker” and create your own soothing ambient music by selecting different rain drops, each which produces its own sound that loops every six seconds.

The Wisdom of John Mayer, Tweeted

Article: The Wisdom of John Mayer, Tweeted

photo by Patty Keigan

Say what you will about John Mayer’s music — here marks the spot where Lo censored Em’s compliments about “Your Body Is a Wonderland” as a matter of principle — his Tweets are some of the funniest in the biz. (Okay, so he doesn’t have a lot of competition. Britney Spears: “How’s everyone’s 2010 going so far?”) Anyway, love him or hate him — or, most likely, a combination of the two — we thought you’d appreciate some of his Tweet-wisdom (twisdom?) on the topics of love, sex, bodily functions, and other important stuff. Here are a dozen of our favorites from the last month or so — you can follow him yourself at

What 1 area of your body gets touched the least? I’m going to guess sub-scrotal flange, but it could also be knee cleavage.
If you call a girl 62 times and she’s sleeping, does it read in the morning as one missed call or 62? Asking for a friend.

Awesome letter from Mick (Jagger) to Andy (Warhol)

Article: Awesome letter from Mick (Jagger) to Andy (Warhol)

Pulled this one from the time capsule: an informal business letter dated appropriately in 1969 from Mick Jagger to Andy Warhol thanking Andy for agreeing to do the “art-work” for their new album. Mick, signing off with love, gives Andy pretty much carte-blanche do whatever he wants as well as naming his price.