Museum of Broken Relationships

Article: Museum of Broken Relationships

Croatian artists Olinka Vištica and DraĹľen Grubišić developed “Museum of Broken Relationships,” a touring exhibition of artifacts from past relationships. It emerged out of their own relationship of four years, after which the break-up inspired this museum, as Vištica explains in an interview with NPR. “When we were deciding to split up, every time people do that it’s connected with something ugly, something awkward, so we didn’t like that way of dealing with our own past, which was once really beautiful. We got this idea, maybe it would be a great idea to have a museum where you could store your emotional heritage.”

I went to MoMA and…

Article: I went to MoMA and…

Quoting Duchamp who once said “It is the spectators who make the pictures,” MoMA decided to engage the 3 million people who walk through their museum with a project called “I went to MoMA and…” where visitors could fill out a note card finishing that sentence and share their experience with the museum and public.…

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

Article: Museum of Soviet arcade machines

If you’re heading to Moscow anytime soon be sure to swing by this museum to see their collection of arcade video game machines from the Soviet era. On their website you can actually play a Flash version of the game above. When I first visited Moscow years ago while still in elementary school, I recall…

Diller Scofidio + Renfro talk about their latest projects

Article: Diller Scofidio + Renfro talk about their latest projects

Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio (above) and the new Lincoln Center (below).
Right after the successful completion of the High Line and the redesign of Lincoln Center in NY, the architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro is back on the horse with two new and equally ambitious projects on the other side of the country, the Berkley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and Eli Broad’s new contemporary art museum in downtown LA. The Architect’s Newspaper was able to pin down Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio long enough to talk about both these projects as well as the experience of working with Broad and what it means to be a ‘starchitect’ (spoiler alert: they don’t like that word).

Eco-fashion: off the runway, and into the exhibition hall

Article: Eco-fashion: off the runway, and into the exhibition hall

Green couture has shown up in designers’ studios, fashion magazines, and on runways from New York to Milan. But nothing lends cred like a museum exhibit… and eco-friendly fashion now has one.

Eco-Fashion: Going Green opened at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology on May 26. If you want to get a look at some of the latest designs, they’re there: the exhibit features work from well-known names in the space, such as Edun, Ciel, and Bodkin. But curators Jennifer Farley and Colleen Hill didn’t stop with the design houses’ discovery of “green”; rather, the exhibit takes a long look at the history of fashion’s relationship with the environment.

Art of food photography

Article: Art of food photography

The concept of photoblogging of food, or rather artfully composed photo documentation of one’s gourmet dishes has been around for awhile. I used to be rather obsessive about doing this. The New York Times recently covered this phenomenon of people sharing online a photographic food diary, and the article featured the photos and blog of…

Every Painting in the MoMA on 10 April 2010

Article: Every Painting in the MoMA on 10 April 2010

One of my favorite art bloggers Hyde or Die shared this ambitious YouTube video titled “Every Painting in the MoMA on 10 April 2010,” which incidentally was the same day I too dropped by my favorite museum in New York City, primarily to view their new Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit (one word review: captivating!). Set to…

Mike Figgis' 3 minute shorts for Tate museum

Article: Mike Figgis' 3 minute shorts for Tate museum

In partnership with London’s Tate, director Mike Figgis has made a series of 3 minute short films around the museum’s “This is Sculpture” project which is an “ambitious and challenging look at the rich history of modern and contemporary sculpture, presenting major works of art from the Tate Collection across two floors of the Gallery.”…

Cookie Monster explains museum etiquette

Article: Cookie Monster explains museum etiquette

From the time capsule from our youth, check out this old segment of the Cookie Monster teaching and singing about museum etiquette. The big takeaway here is that even if it looks yummy, don’t go eating the paintings. Maybe the woman who recently fell into the Picasso at The Met should have watching this segment…

The Known Universe

Article: The Known Universe

Watch this spectacular journey through the known universe created by the American Museum of Natural History with the Rubin Museum of Art, where this is being shown as part of an exhibit running through May 2010. Using data maintained by research astrophysicists, this mesmerizing video starting and expanding from the Himalayas, takes the viewer on…

Nominees for the 1st Annual Art Awards at the Guggenheim Museum

Article: Nominees for the 1st Annual Art Awards at the Guggenheim Museum

On October 29, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum inaugurates its first ever Annual Art Awards, which will be presented by artist Rob Pruitt. The Art Awards celebrates select individuals, exhibitions, and projects that have made a significant impact on the field of contemporary art during the past year. Pruitt, whose conceptual practice is rooted in…

H Box at OCMA

Article: H Box at OCMA

Since its debut at the Centre Pompidou in 2007, H Box (H for Hermès), a portable “screening room for presenting major new video commissions” has traveled all over the world. It touches down next in Newport Beach at the OCMA where it will screen work by ten international artists, including Cliff Evans. Evans’ contribution ”Citizen: The…