Looking back: Maurice Sendak

Article: Looking back: Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak, 82, beloved children’s author and illustrator of the cherished childhood favorites Where the Wild Things Are, Higglety, Pigglety Pop! and Chicken Soup with Rice, isn’t feeling so great these days. “I’m old,” he says. “I’ve been rather sick, to tell you the truth.” But, he adds, “I can make believe I’m well.” Sadly he was too unwell to attend the unveiling of the fifty-year-old mural he painted for the children of a young Manhattan couple in back in 1961. The entire wall, 1,400 pounds in all, was removed and taken to the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia, where it is part of the permanent collection.

Baltimore Love Project

Article: Baltimore Love Project

Baltimore artist Michael Owen created the above design of four silhouette hands spelling out “love.” It has since been painted on 20 different walls all through Baltimore as the “Baltimore Love Project.” The artist explains: This project is not intended to change the world. However, we know that these murals have the power to inspire…

Mac and Retna, collaborations in graffiti

Article: Mac and Retna, collaborations in graffiti

“Mac and Retna are unlikely partners. Mac is a photorealist, Retna is all brush.” More unlikely still is the fact that their giant murals, usually the stuff of city streets, have been popping up in places like Art Basel, Miami and on September 26th at the Robert Berman Gallery in Los Angeles. While the photorealism…