Trailer alert: Sundance favorite YOUR SISTER'S SISTER

Article: Trailer alert: Sundance favorite YOUR SISTER'S SISTER

Filmmaker Lynn Shelton had a comedy hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival with YOUR SISTER’S SISTER, a surprising and compelling exploration of the rivalry between contrasting sisters. There is Iris (Emily Blunt), a flighty professional whose best friend, Jack (Mark Duplass), is still grieving the loss of his brother one-year prior. Iris, who used to date Jack’s brother, invites Jack to her family’s remote cabin in the woods to find himself. Unbeknownst to Iris, her older sister, Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt), a lesbian fresh out of a seven-year relationship, is laying low at the cabin, and a rowdy night of tequila drinking between Jack and Hannah kicks off a bizarre stretch of days — made even more hilariously awkward when Emily pops in for an unexpected visit.

Review Revue: YOUR SISTER'S really got SOMETHING!

Article: Review Revue: YOUR SISTER'S really got SOMETHING!

Going to the movies should never, ever be stressful (unless, of course, you’re planning on seeing the latest Lars von Trier flick). You want to see something new and relevant so that you can talk it up with your know-it-all friends. But you don’t want to sit through the one film that everyone thought would be great, but…isn’t. So here is our formula, simplifying the should-you-see-it conundrum:
5 new releases x 2 critical samplings = what you should go see.
Simple enough, right? This week we have bickering sisters, a crew of rappers, a crew of rockers, some Parisian mystery and Salma Hayek.


Article: Aaron Katz' COLD WEATHER

Both COLD WEATHER and LOVERS OF HATE, two IFC / Sundance Selects releases, made it to my local-art-house-theatre-in-the-boonies in the past two weeks. I had seen LOVERS OF HATE (director Bryan Poyser) at SXSW last year, and enjoyed it – in all of its high-concept-low-budget-plot-dependent-character glory. COLD WEATHER (Aaron Katz) is harder to categorize and is, simply, a very unusual film. Is this good? Yes! Is this bad? Yes, as well.