PUSH GIRLS: Everyone hates moving

Article: PUSH GIRLS: Everyone hates moving

What a week on PUSH GIRLS! We got to see Chelsie hit the stage with her dad, and Mia finally moved out of her antiquated apartment and into some sweet new digs. But, as most of us know, the problem with moving is, well, the moving part. Everyone hates moving, because it’s a huge pain in the patootie, whether you’re seated or standing. But, as Mia herself reminded us, eventually everyone has to move on, and when you change something radical in your life, it can open up something new, too.

Where Americans Are Moving

Article: Where Americans Are Moving

This map over at Forbes is pretty fascinating. In 2008 ten million Americans moved from one county to another. This interactivity of this map allows you to see their migrations. Find your hometown and see where others have fled. Thanks to the good old IRS for the information making the map possible.