They’re All Not Gonna Laugh at You… 10 Movies Where Girls Get Even

Article: They’re All Not Gonna Laugh at You… 10 Movies Where Girls Get Even

Bullies, bitches and bad guys take note: When you try to pull a fast one on some girls, you’d better get ready for what’s to come. They may be young, they may seem sweet, but when push comes to shove, they will shove you right back. Here are 10 movies where girls get even.

Top 10 dinner and movie combos

Article: Top 10 dinner and movie combos

Photo credit: Big Thoughts from a Small Mind

Dinner and movies go together as well as international waters and underground cat fighting rings. Which doesn’t really make sense, if you think about it, what with movies being all attention grabbing and stuff, and dinner requiring attention in order to ensure food reaching mouth/not choking to death. But thankfully for both of us, you don’t have to think about it, because Sundance pays me to, so one of those darned thinkin’ headaches averted.

What are people saying about HOWL?

Article: What are people saying about HOWL?

Seems like James Franco has been all over the place in the last few days, talking about, among other things, HOWL, the new film by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman in which the actor stars as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Here he is discussing his love of poetry with Vanity Fair. There he is explaining his love of soap operas to New York magazine. Here he is defending his tendency to play roles based on himself on screen in Movieline. And there he is getting rapped for his shabby grad-school duds by old-school gossipist Cindy Adams: “His black coat was littered with light brown hair,” she sniffed in her New York Post column on Wednesday.


Article: Procrastination

An amusing animated short about a tendency we are all guilty of at times: procrastination. Creator Johnny Kelly describes the different ways we spend our time doing things to avoid doing what we should be doing.

Save the Ioka Theater

Article: Save the Ioka Theater

The IOKA, one of New England’s oldest independently owned, privately operated movie theaters could be forced to close its doors this winter after nearly a century of operations due to rising maintenance costs and general economic woes. Provocative and independently minded from it’s first film screening (“Birth of a Nation,” on November 1st, 1915) the…


Article: Cory McAbee's STINGRAY SAM

Currently traveling the festival circuit is STINGRAY SAM, directed by Cory McAbee, a friend of the Sundance Channel, and narrated by David Hyde Pierce. This unique film plugs that “musical space-western” niche. The synopsis: A dangerous mission reunites STINGRAY SAM with his long lost accomplice, The Quasar Kid. Follow these two space-convicts as they earn…

Baby mama drama in AWAY WE GO

Article: Baby mama drama in AWAY WE GO

It’s an interesting enough starting point: What do two people with only vague ambitions and low funds (low enough to have a cardboard window in their dilapidated trailer but not low enough, oddly, to fly all around the US and Canada) do when they discover they’re having a baby in a town where they no longer know anyone? Road trip! Burt (John Krasinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) go from Phoenix to Madison to Montreal to Miami to visit one wacky friend after another, from comically slutty Allison Janney to comically new age-y Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The Auteurs: Netflix goes to art school

Article: The Auteurs: Netflix goes to art school

Who doesn’t love the Netflix “watch instantly” option? You thought you had it good when you didn’t have to leave your house to rent a movie. Now you don’t even have to make the long walk to your mailbox. But there’s still one thing “watch instantly” doesn’t have. Sure, it’s great for those late night…