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MILFs (Moms in Legendary Films), Part 3

Article: MILFs (Moms in Legendary Films), Part 3

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, we bring you MILFs Part 3: Ten more “Moms In Legendary Films.” This time around, we’re touting moms who hustle and fight for their children ’til the end. Be sure to vote for your favorite MILF in the poll below.

1. Mrs. Gump, Forrest Gump
Sally Field’s Mrs. Gump sets the gold standard for parenting against the odds. She’s a bold champion who cares less about shielding her special needs child from the world, and more about imparting ethics so he can always find his way. To wit: “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.” The way she sees it, there’s no reason that her son, on the slower side and crippled during his youth, can’t have just as rich of a life as any other child. Clearly her mothering was a success what with Forrest’s college scholarship, his Medal of Honor, his two trips to the White House and his thriving shrimping business.

2. Queenie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button’s curious tale matches Forrest’s in sheer scope–his extraordinary life takes him around the world and back again. He too needs a strong-willed, big-hearted mother and he gets one in nursing home worker Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) after his biological mother’s death in childbirth. It’s Queenie who finds the baby, brings him home, and sees through his strange physical maladies to the heart within.

MILFs (Moms in Legendary Films), Part 2

Article: MILFs (Moms in Legendary Films), Part 2

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of Good Ol’ Mom, we present you with Part Two of our list of Top 10 MILFs (which translates as Mothers In Legendary Films; don’t get any funny ideas). Part One covered heroic and villainous moms in film: this time around, we’re doing zany, wild, perhaps misunderstood, and beautifully unique moms. Because when it comes to mothers, we’ve all got a different story. Vote for your favorite of these mommas in the poll below.

1. Ed, Raising Arizona
Holly Hunter made the top 2 moms in this top ten list! Because well, she’s awesome. Aside from Raising Arizona being one of the greatest Coen Brothers’ classics, we just simply love the determination of Ed to be a mother. Who thought that baby-snatching could lead to such much trouble, so much hilarity, so much heartache, and so much brilliant film-making? Ah, the messes we create for ourselves. Classic Cohen Brothers.

2. Ada McGrath, The Piano
“There is a silence where hath been no sound / There is a silence where no sound may be / In the cold grave, under the deep deep sea.”
A woman is cast onto the shores of desolate New Zealand — the loneliest place on earth. Ada McGrath (Holly Hunter) is a mute pianist, set adrift in a new world, accompanied only by her daughter. A single mother who passionately loves her child, Ada must learn to protect her daughter without the power of speech. Music as language: music as love — this is one of the most beautifully strange “mom movies” ever made.

Mamma Mia! The Five Meanest Moms in Movie History

Article: Mamma Mia! The Five Meanest Moms in Movie History

Film has never shied away from exploring the rich, complicated, and in some cases straight-up creepy connection between mother and child. While normal, lovely moms are all fine and good, some of the most fun moms to watch have been downright crazy–and all the more captivating because of it. In honor of Mother’s Day (Sun., May 11) we’ve picked our five favorite frightening maternal figures. Don’t neglect to send them a card on Mother’s Day.

1. Margaret White, Carrie (1976)
Sure, the cool-kid clique at Carrie’s high school do a number on the poor girl. But the groundwork of psychotic abuse already had been laid at home, where the shy girl’s Christian fundamentalist mother consistently berates her for “sinning.” A bucket of pig’s blood might have been the straw that breaks the camel’s back. But when Carrie rebels — and tears down her town in the process — its anger and resentment toward her mother that drives most of that rage.

Top 10 MILFs (Moms In Legendary Films)

Article: Top 10 MILFs (Moms In Legendary Films)

Mother’s Day might be upon us, but no, we are not going the cheap route and talking about the MILFs you’re used to (although we do love Jennifer Coolidge in everything she does; even AMERICAN PIE). This list is dedicated to a far more select—and somewhat more matronly—group, namely Moms In Legendary Films. Absolutely everyone out there has something to say about how to be the best mom (as evidenced by the

Mother's Day cards from your subconscious

Article: Mother's Day cards from your subconscious

Mother’s Day is around the corner (this Sunday to be exact). Sure, you can be traditional and send her a bouquet of flowers or a present and a nice Hallmark card. If this is just too much effort or you don’t have enough time because you’re just so “busy at work” then I might have a solution. Send an e-card: nothing says I care quite like taking 3 seconds to press the send button. In particular, I recommend this collection of Mother’s Day cards with messages from your subconscious courtesy of GQ.

Scott Campbell Mother's Day limited edition tattoos

Article: Scott Campbell Mother's Day limited edition tattoos

In honor of Mother’s Day, famed Brooklyn tattoo artist Scott Campbell is offering a limited edition set of “Mom” tattoos this Sunday, May 10th at his Manhattan location on Bond Street.

Top 10 things your mama inadvertently taught you about sex

Article: Top 10 things your mama inadvertently taught you about sex

photo by Lara604

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday — don’t forget to call and thank her for all the wonderful advice.

Always wear clean underwear.
Trim your fingernails and wash your hands thoroughly and often. (It’ll help you avoid infection and make you less likely to tear delicate internal linings during manual sex.)

Mother's Day blog roundup

Article: Mother's Day blog roundup

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Take a look at some other blogs written by moms, for moms. Those without kids probably need not apply, but if you’re a mom interested in reading about other mothers’ adventures and misadventures, check these out: 1) Her Bad Mother – from author Catherine Conners. Bad is the new good. 2)…

To Suzanne Valadon on Mother's Day

Article: To Suzanne Valadon on Mother's Day

Just below Sacre Coeur in the 18th Arrondissement of Paris, there is a small blue marker that reads, “Place Suzanne Valadon.” Unknown by name to many Americans, Valadon is instantly recognized by sight as the model for countless paintings by Renoir, Degas and Lautrec.