Bros before hoes, wives before guys

Article: Bros before hoes, wives before guys

So this year’s Esquire’s sex issue was a pretty fun round up. Based on a third party polling company, we’ve learned that the majority of heterosexual men polled prefer to have their women on top during sex (cowgirl), and only two percent enjoy sex standing up. Thank god no one told Michael Fassbinder that in SHAME, the hotel scene would have been a lot less interesting. But what seems to be gathering the most attention, both welcomed and uncomfortable, is that nineteen percent of married men polled have had sex with another man. Out of that group, twelve percent have been repeat offenders. That’s about one out of five married men, dudes, bros, in the country. For some of us (the gays), this isn’t much of a surprise, albeit not discussed outside of our circle. Still, why is this taboo?

Joyce McKinney: the psychopath beauty queen in Errol Morris' TABLOID

Article: Joyce McKinney: the psychopath beauty queen in Errol Morris' TABLOID

In 1977 Joyce McKinney, a Miss Wyoming beauty queen, flew to England, kidnapped her former boyfriend, Kirk Anderson – a Mormon missionary – and drove him to a cottage where she tied him to the bed and raped him repeatedly in an attempt to become pregnant. According to McKinney, however, Kirk left with her willingly and the two proceeded to have the best weekend of their lives. She didn’t get pregnant either way, a failing she attributes to the evil Mormon brainwashing that made Anderson impotent. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you haven’t seen TABLOID, the latest from veteran documentary filmmaker Errol Morris (FOG OF WAR, THE THIN BLUE LINE). Extensive interviews with the very camera un-shy McKinney, as well as with the tabloid reporters who followed the case, a young ex-Mormon and even a Korean dog cloner, make this hands down the most entertaining documentary I’ve seen all year. And since Anderson refused to be interviewed (no surprise there), you’re naturally left puzzling over what really happened long after.

Totally unbiased study: Saving sex for marriage will improve your relationship

Article: Totally unbiased study: Saving sex for marriage will improve your relationship

A new study shows that delaying sex until marriage will lead to a more satisfying and stable relationship, according to researchers at — get this — Brigham Young University. That’s the right, the university whose honor code bans porn, gay sex, sex outside of marriage, cussing, sleeveless shirts, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, and tea (tea!) claims to have science on its side. Apparently couples who had sex the earliest — after the first date, say, or even in the first month of dating — had the worst relationship outcomes.

Will Mormons a see gay-marriage doc?

Article: Will Mormons a see gay-marriage doc?

In his review of 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION, a documentary about the Mormon Church’s campaign to pass Prop. 8, the ballot initiative outlawing gay marriage in California, Variety’s Peter Debruge writes that the film is “mostly preaching to the converted.”

“Although controversy could spur interest, the pic hasn’t been as incendiary as one might expect playing just north of LDS HQ at the Sundance Film Festival,” Debruge asserts.

He may have spoken too soon.