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Top 10 funny sex scenes

Article: Top 10 funny sex scenes

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Funny sex scenes — at least, those that are meant to make you laugh — are often our favorite kind. Ironically, they tend to portray much more realistic onscreen sex than their serious, sultry counterparts. In funny sex scenes, you get weirdness, kink, awkwardness, jealousy, fantasy — oh yeah, and condoms. For some reason, the only time you see latex onscreen is when the sex is supposed to be funny. Here are ten of our favorite funny sex scenes — though not all of them were initially intended to be funny (we’re looking at you, Clive Owen). By the way, if you’re wondering where AMERICAN PIE and PORKY’S are: We took the liberty of limiting this list to scenes that made us laugh. And we’re not — nor have we ever been — 14-year-old boys.

Monty Python turns 40

Article: Monty Python turns 40

This Sunday night IFC kicks off Python Week with the first of six hour-long episodes of the new documentary MONTY PYTHON: ALMOST THE TRUTH (THE LAWYER’S CUT). They’ll be airing all the classics too, HOLY GRAIL, LIFE OF BRIAN, LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL along with some of the more memorable “Flying Circus” episodes. I expect…