Molly Gottschalk

Soft Spot's "Half a House"

Article: Soft Spot's "Half a House"

SoftSpot – Half a House from Ryan Dickie on Vimeo.

In Brooklyn’s independent music scene it seems like all you need to make something happen is a small group of friends working together in earnest. That’s what it took for Brooklyn-based duo Soft Spot, anyhow, when Bryan Keller and Sarah Kinlaw, who are as sweet and charming as they are talented, teamed up with art director Molly Gottschalk and director Ryan Dickie to produce the music video for their new single “Half a House.” Like any independent effort, the video was funded entirely by Keller and Kinlaw, who lugged lights and equipment and asked a lot of favors, like borrowing an amazing wardrobe from Malin Landaeus’ Vintage Archive in Williamsburg.