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Top Gun meets art at the Tate

Article: Top Gun meets art at the Tate

English artist Fiona Banner latest solo exhibition at the Tate (open through January 3, 2011) is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing fascination with “the emblem of the fighter plane” and “her compulsion to grasp the uncomfortable resonances of these war machines.” I feel the same way about military technology. I’m astonished by the technological…

James Victore at MoMA

Article: James Victore at MoMA

It is not everyday that you venture to the Museum of Modern Art and you stumble upon work you own. It is ever crazier when the artist is a friend. This happened to me last week. While I strolled through MoMA to see wonderful exhibits on both Tim Burton and the Bauhaus I came towards the elevator. And there lining the wall were four posters designed by my pal James Victore. I was shocked!

The Hetero-normalizing of art giants

Article: The Hetero-normalizing of art giants

Modern Art Notes, Tyler Green’s modern & contemporary art blog, has an interesting post about some seemingly glaring omissions in the mainstream press regarding the sexuality of some of the world’s most famous artists. First noting that most obituaries of Robert Rauschenberg omitted the fact that he was gay when the artist died last May, Green goes…