Insanely realistic models of defunct NYC storefronts.

Article: Insanely realistic models of defunct NYC storefronts.

Artist Randy Hage has been “documenting and replicating NYC storefronts that are disappearing due to gentrification and urban renewal” by creating insanely detailed, realistic and lifelike miniature models of these storefronts, including this (now defunct) donut shop in my old neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. I used to visit it for the occasional healthy breakfast…

Model versus "plus sized" model

Article: Model versus "plus sized" model

This item might be more appropriate for the Full Frontal Fashion blog, but the blogosphere collectively struggles with body image issues which is sparked by things like this: Terry Richardson photographed models Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn, a leading lady among plus size models, wearing the same clothes for V Magazine’s ‘Plus Size’ January 2010…

Modeling the Humanthesizer

Article: Modeling the Humanthesizer

Featuring 15 bikini wearing models, Calvin Harris and his bevy of girls are painted with conductive ink on the palm of their hands and soles of their feet to become the “humanthesizer” and recreate Harris’ weekend anthem “Ready for the Weekend.” It gets going around the 1:43 mark. [Via]