GIRL MODEL exposes the truth behind the modeling industry

Article: GIRL MODEL exposes the truth behind the modeling industry

The documentary GIRL MODEL provides a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the fashion industry, viewed from two perspectives: a former model turned scout, and a young Siberian girl being recruited. Co-director Ashley Sabin tells SUNfiltered that she hopes GIRL MODEL encourages viewers to “look beyond the image” and become more media-literate about fashion editorials, advertisements and models. The film brings to light the people and labor behind such images, challenging viewers to think about where their media come from. Modeling can demand a high cost of people, one that many consumers aren’t aware of.

Candy striper Amy Poehler

Article: Candy striper Amy Poehler

In yet another reminder that the Internet never forgets anything, old modeling photos of Amy Poehler (LOVE HER) surfaced. They were randomly unearthed by one blogger while they were browsing for “volunteer” photos on Getty Images.

America's top hand models

Article: America's top hand models

Kottke shared this fascinating slideshow that puts faces to the anonymous model-perfect hands which grace countless “glossy magazine ads, in television commercials, and blown-up on billboards,” and in some cases as a stand-in hand for a particular beautiful actress’ toe-esque thumb. Although lotion and gloves are mentioned as part of the regiment of these models,…

Project Green Search looking for the next green model

Article: Project Green Search looking for the next green model

The fashion industry is working its way towards more sustainable methods of sourcing materials and making clothing; fashion modeling, however, is largely still associated with jetting to Milan and partying with rock stars. A handful of models, though, have focused on integrating their own green values into their work, and serving as the faces and voices of the eco-fashionable lifestyle. Project Green Search, an educational and inspirational arm of fashion retailer Greenloop, would like to add to their ranks, and is sponsoring a search for the next “poster girl” of sustainable couture.

Sonny Caberwal, Sikh male model

Article: Sonny Caberwal, Sikh male model

Sonny Caberwal, 30, a Sikh entrepreneur turned model from San Francisco, recently diversified GQ’s spring-summer 2009 issue with this major photo spread. He was discovered (after e-mailing a photo of himself at his brother-in-law’s suggestion) last year by Kenneth Cole who was “looking for a turbaned man for their 25th anniversary campaign, but could find…