Visit random corners of the Earth via Globe Genie

Article: Visit random corners of the Earth via Globe Genie

MIT grad student Joe McMichael created Globe Genie, a fun chat roulette-like experience, but instead of randomly connecting you with a stranger (or, as if often the case, their penis), it instantly transports you to a random corner of the world (or at least the random corners that have been visited by the Google Maps Street View camera). As The New York Times writes, with a press of the “teleport” button “this could be a stretch of highway in rural Denmark, a corner in downtown Denver or the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro” (and no surprise penises!). I think the usage of the word teleport is fitting…

Project Gaydar

Article: Project Gaydar

I know many queens who for whatever reason feel the need to hide their sexuality from their boss or their mother. Before the days of Facebook this was an easy thing. But now as we are connected via social networking sites, our bosses and our mothers are often times linked to our lovers. This could…

What does the Internet say about you?

Article: What does the Internet say about you?

Created by Aaron Zinman, Personas is “a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab” that attempts to “create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity” by utilizing magic some fancy analysis based solely on the input of your first…