Renewable energy as art: the Bakken Museum's Green Energy Art Garden

Article: Renewable energy as art: the Bakken Museum's Green Energy Art Garden

The Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams from Ben Moren on Vimeo.

A solar array, or a wind farm, can certainly have aesthetic appeal… but the visual interplay between the technology and its surroundings, or the beauty inherent in those panels and turbines themselves, usually isn’t high on the priority list of installers. The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis, which is dedicated to “exploring the mysteries of our electric world,” thought that beauty needed further exploration… and commissioned local artists to create works that “demonstrate a new, creative approach to using alternative energy sources.”

Titian's Venus gets graffiti-clothed

Article: Titian's Venus gets graffiti-clothed

This Minneapolis billboard promoting a traveling exhibition of Titian paintings from the National Gallery of Scotland which opened this month at the Minneapolis Institute of Art demonstrates that graffiti bombers and museum officials both have a sense of humor. The museum staff found it amusing and wanted it left up, but unfortunately the billboard company…

James Welling's Glass House

Article: James Welling's Glass House

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is showing James Welling’s Glass House images through March 2011 and it may just be enough to get me to Minnesota before the cold sets in. Welling’s shots of Phillip Johnson’s iconic Connecticut home are a revelation. Using a digital camera and colored filters he recreates the building with new great effect. It’s as if one is peering through stained glass into Johnson’s house. They’re a treat for die-hard modernists like myself.

Wall of beer

Article: Wall of beer

Studio On Fire, a “hybrid design and letterpress workspace in Minneapolis,” posted on their blog “Beast Pieces” the completed installation of “The Wall.” It proudly displays over 500 vintage beer cans, which provide an interesting snapshot of design from a bygone (drinking) era. [Via]