Milan Design Week

Amazing upcycle: old furniture into planters

Article: Amazing upcycle: old furniture into planters

Milan Design Week may be over and done with, but so many incredible ideas made their debut on the vast showroom floor that the event still has us buzzing. Take this deceptively simple idea from Italian designers Peter Bottazzi and Denish Bonapace that turns used up and useless old furniture into artfully rendered homes for plants. Called Da Morto A Orto, or from redundant to abundant, Bottazzi and Bonapace took various pieces of furniture and combined them into hybrids – a rolling desk chair with a wooden dresser drawer and an aluminum lamp or a plush armchair with metal pots sprouting out its back. The combinations are endless and these pictures are the ultimate inspiration for DIY-ers.

Hands-free drawing

Article: Hands-free drawing

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex from Core77 on Vimeo.

A lot of amazing projects made their debut at Milan Design Week, and amongst the most impressive was the “Drawing Machine” conceived and built by Danish designer Eske Rex. Comprised of two nine-foot-tall triangular structures and the flat drawing surface between them, the machine makes drawings with a single pen held at the end of two long arms connected to weighted pendulums. The pendulums move the pen around in circles that vary in size depending on how much weight is placed on them. More weight is harder to pull and thus makes smaller circles while less weight yields larger shapes. If you stack each pendulum with equal weight you get a perfect circle, and if you disperse the weight unevenly you get a lopsided form.