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Doctor apologizes for saying you can get over your gayness. Thanks.

Article: Doctor apologizes for saying you can get over your gayness. Thanks.

You simply can’t “turn” a gay person straight or “pray away the gay,” no matter what Michele Bachmann’s husband thinks. Now that we’ve established that as a fact, let’s talk about how The New York Times reported that Dr. Robert Spitzer essentially wrote an open letter to the gay community, published in a psychology journal this week, saying—of all things—my bad. Spitzer never became a household name, but he was responsible for removing homosexuality from the canon of mental illness, right next to alcoholism and catatonia, which was a huge step forward for gay rights in 1973. But, he also argued that therapy could cure unwanted gayness…which was a huge step off a short pier.

A Republican primary style guide

Article: A Republican primary style guide

Art plays an important role in society. It is a cultural mirror, a telling portrayal of some of our more irrational or eccentric tendencies. We appreciate the perspective it provides, but it’s always more entertaining when life imitates art, as was the case with Rick Perry’s latest presidential commercial. Tricky Ricky asserts that openly gay military personnel are the latest abuse of separation of church and state. Meanwhile, he’s dressed as Ennis Del Mar, America’s tragic man crush. Guess Rick went to the loo during the thirty-second guy on guy love scene in Brokeback Mountain. What else could explain his sartorial choice? No matter, the look works for him. Here’s a quick style guide for a few of the other 2012 Republican contenders. Lights, camera, and all that jazz.

Five other Republican primary ads you should be watching

Article: Five other Republican primary ads you should be watching

We all know about Rick Perry’s slaughter on human decency–now the most unliked video on Youtube. I hope every time he talks about gay people in the American Military a gay man gets married to somebody he loves. But Rick Perry’s not the only person running ridiculous ads in the Republican primaries. Sure, they might not be as outwardly as homophobic, but it still terrifies me that these people could become president (well, except Herman Cain–how we miss him). Oh, hell, it scares me that these videos were even made in the first place! Here are five of the best: