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Sundance Film Festival follow up: TAKE SHELTER

Article: Sundance Film Festival follow up: TAKE SHELTER

It’s no secret that Jessica Chastain has had a breakout year. You probably saw her in THE HELP, perhaps saw her in THE DEBT or TREE OF LIFE, and should definitely head out to see her in TAKE SHELTER. It was one of the few films that went into the 2011 Sundance Film Festival with a distribution deal and between powerhouse performances Chastain and the film’s star Michael Shannon (REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, Boardwalk Empire), it’s easy to see why.

Jeff Nichols' TAKE SHELTER

Article: Jeff Nichols' TAKE SHELTER

Jeff Nichols’ award-winning TAKE SHELTER takes place in rural Ohio, which is where I live, and involves a lot of rain, which describes the weather here as well. In fact, it’s been raining steadily in Southern Ohio since Sunday, so my ability to relate to the drama of precipitation was quite keen as I squirmed my way through this terrifying and ultimately moving film. As I’m smack in the middle of the same culture, where people actually go to church regularly and frequently needlepoint pillows, like young wife Samantha (Jessica Chastain) does in the film, I really felt like I was there. Except that I don’t see what her husband Curtis (Michael Shannon) sees, which is much more than a steady drizzle: it’s apocalyptic storms with multiple twisters, raging birds in beautifully violent flight patterns and living room furniture that suddenly propels itself from the floor…

Meet Shana Feste director of THE GREATEST

Article: Meet Shana Feste director of THE GREATEST

Meet Shana Feste director of THE GREATEST, an official selection in the Dramatic Competition at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.