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Jason Biggs can act!

Article: Jason Biggs can act!

The AMERICAN PIE series hasn’t exactly been Shakespeare — so far — and even when Jason Biggs has branched out into a Woody Allen movie (ANYTHING ELSE), it turned out to be one of Woody’s weakest, before the neurotic auteur magically found inspiration again. So it’s good to see Biggs doing a fine job in GRASSROOTS, a shaggy new movie based on the true story of a fired alternative weekly writer (Biggs) who helped his friend the music critic run for Seattle City Council in 2001.

Hey, Oscar! Don't forget these performances!

Article: Hey, Oscar! Don't forget these performances!

The illustrious Oscar nominations will be announced on January 24, which gives the choosers ample time to read my urgent plea for them to not leave out some of my favorite people!

After all, I care about the Oscars more than life itself, so ignoring my longings would be as sadistically ill-advised as some of the performances that are already locks.

So now that I have the nominators’ attention, I’ll step up and scream the following:

The TWILIGHT curse on actors

Article: The TWILIGHT curse on actors

Be thankful you’re not in a wildly popular film franchise. It can be career suicide! Yes, you get to be incredibly famous and make tons of money—as long as you stay safely within that franchise and keep delivering the same role to a young audience hungry for the repetition. Just as younger LORD OF THE RINGS cast members have had a hard time striking gold outside that series of lucrative adventures, so have the TWILIGHT gang been finding that not only do vampires suck, but out-of-the-box career ops can too.

With THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN Part 1 poised to make trillions starting November 18, it has to be bittersweet for the cast, who’ve struggled to break the dawn for themselves by scoring with non-Twilight projects (and they’re gonna need some really soon).

Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Article: Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Michael Musto has used this space to talk about how the in-crowd is tiring of Lady Gaga. And I have basically told Madonna to give it up now that Gaga has arrived on the scene. And yes, we, like all good gays, will continue to sing her praises. As will MAC. This spring Gaga joins…

Out verses Adam Lambert

Article: Out verses Adam Lambert

I love the drama involving Out magazine and Adam Lambert and our very own Michael Musto is smack dab in the middle of it. Story goes like this. Out publishes an Out 100 list every year honoring both gays and straights who accomplished something great the previous year. Being one of the first out gay performers…

Michael Musto to join SUNfiltered next week!

Article: Michael Musto to join SUNfiltered next week!

We are happy to announce that Michael Musto will be joining our diverse and talented team of SUNfiltered bloggers next week.  Please welcome him to the mix! We’re sure you know Michael from the Village Voice where he writes and has his blog, Le Daily Musto. For his SUNfiltered column Musto will do what he…