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The "Cigar Guy" Conspiracy

Article: The "Cigar Guy" Conspiracy

This year’s Ryder Cup will be known for two things other than who won:  the return of Tiger Woods, and the mystery of the man only known as “The Cigar Guy.” If not for this once in a lifetime shot of Tiger’s flubbed stroke, Cigar Guy (standing at the right of the photo) would have…

Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache, Part 2

Article: Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache, Part 2

The stink over “The Hanes” (see previous post) continues to waft in the air, Jordan.  Ashton Kutcher  was aghast on Kimmel. Even old pal Charles Barkely got into the act,  dialing out  a full court beat down that extended well beyond Dwayne Wade and his usual fave five.  But beyond the celebrity backlash, Johnny Mainstreet…

Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache

Article: Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache

Here’s one for the “WTF” column.  Michael Jordan, basketball legend cum underwear pitchman has embarked on what could perhaps wind up being the most bizarre comeback of his career…the return of the Hitler mustache.  In his latest  turkey of an ad for Hanes,  Jordan perplexingly sports a  Hitler mustache.   Don’t believe it? Take a…