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The Black Keys' new video reminds us of these 5 auteur-musician collabos

Article: The Black Keys' new video reminds us of these 5 auteur-musician collabos

Oh, man. People say the golden age of music videos is in the past, so we must be living in the platinum era! The latest Black Keys video hit the webz yesterday and it’s a fairly curious, and entertaining, collaboration with Harmony Korine (KIDS, TRASH HUMPERS). Oh, I’m sorry…it’s not a video, but “a film by Harmony Korine.” Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to see Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach as babies carted around by prosthetic versions of themselves then Gold on the Ceiling is your chance! As for Korine, hopefully this little endeavor didn’t distract him from finishing up SPRING BREAKERS, because there are not enough bikini pics of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez out there yet to satisfy my curiosity. Anyway, check out the video below, along with a few of our other favorite auteur-helmed musical collaborations.

Michael Jackson's letterhead

Article: Michael Jackson's letterhead

Letters of Note has this nice “get well” note sent in 1986 by Michael Jackson to a friend. Note the letterhead and the “BEAT IT” pun.

Little Monsters

Article: Little Monsters

Lady Gaga just Tweeted this slideshow she put together of many a monster who dressed in her likeness for Halloween. It’s pretty cool to watch see the diversity of her fans: age, shape, sex, sexuality, race. They’re like a rainbow coalition of freak flag flyers! Another remarkable thing after watching it is just how many…

Great "Baby Be Mine" cover by Danish duo

Article: Great "Baby Be Mine" cover by Danish duo

I just recently discovered this soulful, sexytime cover of Danish R&B duo Quadron’s cover of Michael Jackson’s “Baby Be Mine.” Their low budget video’s warm and atmospheric visual fits nicely with the song. This effect was created using a Japanese Digital Harinezumi camera.

Marc Quinn does Buck Angel

Article: Marc Quinn does Buck Angel

Marc Quinn’s new show is opening in London this weekend. I had previously written about Quinn’s life-sized bronze sculpture of everyone’s favorite male transexual porn star with pecs and a vagina, Buck Angel. But Quinn is also taking on Alannah Starr, who has gone in the opposite direction as Buck. Buck’s vagina is on display…

Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean

Article: Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean

I previously featured Patrick Boivin’s entertaining stop-motion toy figure fight between Bruce Lee and Iron Man. Boivin is back with another installment that animates a twirling Michael Jackson in a dance off against Mr. Bean, who’s got his own trick up his sleeve. Boivin perfectly captures the inane imaginative battles I used to conjure up…

Bad Romance, amazing video

Article: Bad Romance, amazing video

I wrote an essay a few weeks back about Lady GaGa’s taking over from Madonna and becoming the numero uno gay pop icon. And any gay with a Facebook account can attest to this with a simple look at their status update bar from this week. The gays are going gaga over Bad Romance, the new…

The Queen of prison

Article: The Queen of prison

Those same talented dancers/inmates at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines are at it again. This time, however, the tribute is not for Michael Jackson. Another effeminate and over-the-top singer gets their start treatment. Mr. Freddie Mercury would no doubt be proud that these prisoners, who learn to dance during their rehabilitation…

Google Suggests some awful things

Article: Google Suggests some awful things

The Google Suggests feature is usually spot on, but sometimes it spits something at you that just doesn’t make much sense. The technology takes other people’s searches, caches them, and then predicts what you’re typing in the search box. The Huffington Post has asked readers to grab an image of the most inappropriate things Google…

The King of Pop painted by the King of Pop!

Article: The King of Pop painted by the King of Pop!

I posted earlier about Andy Warhol’s junk being combed through, including that naked poster of Jackie O. Those catalogers will spend six year going through everything the artist meticulously collected during his life, ranging from fan mail to taxi receipts. I am excited to see what other oddities they find. And speaking about oddities, a…

Eternal Moonwalk

Article: Eternal Moonwalk

An interesting tribute to the King of Pop, a publicly funded radio station in Belgium also known at StuBru, has created Eternal Moonwalk, a video slideshow of people, animals and inanimate objects doing Michael Jackson’s signature move. Each video clip is about six seconds long and a counter keeps track of the number of meters…

A fitting tribute

Article: A fitting tribute

Since Michael Jackson’s death last week the King of Pop’s fans have shown respect in a myriad of ways. This video has to be the most unique, and if you think about it, the most fitting. 1500 inmates in the Philippines paying tribute to the fallen pop star. This isn’t their first Jackson performance. Take…

Artists homage to Michael Jackson

Article: Artists homage to Michael Jackson

Web Designer Depot is compiling a collection of Michael Jackson tributes created by various artists and designers from around the Web. Your mileage may vary with some of the results, but what is clear is that the King of Pop’s impact reverberated far beyond simply the world of music.

Ga-Ga for GaGa

Article: Ga-Ga for GaGa

Lady GaGa recently turned head’s in London when she appeared at a charitable mural painting donning the most ridiculous hairstyle this side of Cher. Seriously, GaGa is KooKoo.

Michael Jackson's evolving hedcuts

Article: Michael Jackson's evolving hedcuts

Its editorial voice aside, the distinguished Wall Street Journal is noted for its usage of rather distinctive dot-drawn headshots or “hedcuts” as they call them of individuals that an article is profiling. As part of the newspaper’s redesign in 1979 “artist Kevin Sprouls devised a technique for illustrating the paper that did not disrupt its…