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Did DEATH WISH kill gun control?

Article: Did DEATH WISH kill gun control?

Once upon a time in America, there was a gun-control debate. Then came Charles Bronson. In 1974′s DEATH WISH — tonight at 10:10P on Sundance Channel — the journeyman character actor shot to superstardom as Paul Kersey, a self-confessed “bleeding-heart liberal” who becomes a pistol-packing urban vigilante after his daughter is raped and his wife is murdered. Made for a modest $3 million, the gritty flick earned back more than seven times its budget and spawned four sequels over the next 20 years. Now director Joe Carnahan (THE GREY) is planning a remake.

Election Day Rituals

Article: Election Day Rituals

As a kid growing up in California, Tuesdays were always Dad’s night, so I would go home from school and watch the returns from the big blue couch in the living room. My dad would surf between the Networks and PBS. I remember Tom Jennings the most because he was my dad’s favorite. The first…