Push girls on the Huffington Post!

Article: Push girls on the Huffington Post!

You’ve seen the fabulous push girls onscreen, but did you know you can read them in print, too? Mia, Auti, Angela and Tiphany have been talking up a storm over on The Huffington Post, with a lot of great insights and expansions on what you see on PUSH GIRLS. If you haven’t yet checked them out on HuffPo, here’s a sample of what they have to say…

PUSH GIRLS: Sometimes dating is scary

Article: PUSH GIRLS: Sometimes dating is scary

This week on PUSH GIRLS, “Freaky Deaky” showed us some hazards of dating while you’re a wheelchair user, while still letting us see the girls having fun. As Auti, whom I’ve come to think of as the mother hen, reminded us, there’s an element of danger involved in going on a date when you have paralysis, because it involves a deep level of trust very early in your relationship. Tiphany related a scary story about being tipped out of her chair, underscoring the vulnerability wheelchair users experience in intimate relationships.

PUSH GIRLS: Pushing through the past

Article: PUSH GIRLS: Pushing through the past

A very emotional PUSH GIRLS this week on “In the Fast Lane,” as we saw Tiphany talking about her past and returning to the site of her car accident 10 years after the fact. She might have been declared dead on the scene, but she rolled confidently along the side of the highway with her family to confront the reality that her accident affected more people than just her: “My accident didn’t just happen to me. It affected a lot of people.”

PUSH GIRLS: Pushing through the fear

Article: PUSH GIRLS: Pushing through the fear

This week’s Chelsie-centric episode was an intimate and revealing look into the difficult adjustment period that comes with newly acquired disability. Chelsie is lucky to have four fabulous mentors, but she struggles with the changes going on in her life and in her body, and it was really refreshing to get an honest look at that. She was performing in front of her family for the first time, which was understandably nerve-wracking, and things didn’t go quite according to plan, but she held her head up high and got back out on the dance floor, which is hard for any of us to do when we feel like we’ve failed.

Major Lazer's major video

Article: Major Lazer's major video

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo. I was brought on board SUNfiltered to bring a gay voice to the blog, so I hope the above video for the song “Pon De Floor,” by Major Lazer, doesn’t seem out of place with my other posts. After all it is a riotous video depicting…

SUNfiltered music videos

Article: SUNfiltered music videos

1. Some big headed pint size kids spit lyrical fire in the music video for “Where You At” by Australian hip hop group Astronomy Class and featuring Vida-Sunshyne & Kween G (KillaQueenz).

Astronomy Class – Where You At? Featuring Vida-Sunshyne & Kween G from Elefanttraks on Vimeo.

SUNfiltered music videos

Article: SUNfiltered music videos

This week’s top five music videos circulating around the Internet tubes. They all share a certain upbeat sound which is perfect for sunny summer weekends. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

1. The theatrical music video for Australian duo Empire of the Sun’s (Luke Steel from The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore from Pnau) catchy electro-pop tune “Walking on a Dream” was shot in Shanghai and directed by Josh Logue.

Empire Of Sun – Walking On A Dream from Music on Vimeo.