Earthworms: Wiggly weapons against poverty

Article: Earthworms: Wiggly weapons against poverty

If you’ve ever gardened (or even if you haven’t), you understand that worms are great for your soil: they gobble up organic matter, and poop out nitrogen-rich “castings” that feed your plants. They’re also a great composting solution if you’re low on space: a small bin and some red wiggler worms can take care of the organic matter for most small households (and, once again, you’ve got plant food).

Green tech finds (7/15/10)

Article: Green tech finds (7/15/10)

Fishy iPhone apps, soy car parts, and another solar Air Force base… this week’s green tech finds.

Sustainable seafood and wine? There’s an app for that… The Blue Ocean Institute and Brancott have launched the free Fishphone iPhone app, which not only provides sustainable seafood information on the go, but also suggest wine pairings.
The eco-travel planner: The Rainforest Alliance has beta launched its new sustainable travel guide and planner, Currently focused on south of the border destinations, the site features tour operators, hotels, restaurants and other amenities that have been certified by reputable NGOs.

US vs Mexico volleyball game over the border wall

Article: US vs Mexico volleyball game over the border wall

In light of the recent controversy over Arizona’s misguided, unconstitutional, and racist anti-immigrant law (yes, I’m editorializing here, but I think history will agree with me), this old photograph resurfaced on the Internet. It captures a festive volleyball match between Arizona and Mexican citizens whose respective towns of Naco (yes, they are named the same)…

Mexico: A nation of world records

Article: Mexico: A nation of world records

Our neighbor to the south, Mexico, has an unquenchable thirst for world records. The New York Times recently composed this slide show documenting some of their ridiculous feats. 13,000 people dancing in the streets recreating a Michael Jackson video? In Mexico. The world’s largest meatballs and cheesecakes? Baked in Mexico. And the biggest pair of…

Creative swine flu surgical masks

Article: Creative swine flu surgical masks

The swine flu has not only unleashed a flood of fears and concerns, but also creativity. The surgical masks people have started to wear have also become a blank canvas for some to demonstrate their individuality, creativity and sense of humor. For example, take these Mexicans, who refuse to let a little thing like a…