Hey Girl, it's Paul Ryan Gosling

Article: Hey Girl, it's Paul Ryan Gosling

A few years ago a humble little Tumblr blog called Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling launched, featuring images of the dreamy, blue-eyed, well-toned actor with imagined lovey-dovey quotes from him to you, the girlfriend: “Hey Girl, if I had to get swine flu, I’d want to get it from you.” It hasn’t been updated in months, but it doesn’t have to be: It spawned a thousand spinoff Gosling “Hey Girl” sites to keep you satisfied: Feminist Ryan Gosling (our favorite, and the one with a book deal), Typographer Ryan Gosling, Shakespearean Ryan Gosling, the list goes on and on… (See Know Your Meme for a more complete history.)

Strangely compelling short film of men throwing rocks… with the wrong hand

Article: Strangely compelling short film of men throwing rocks… with the wrong hand

Juan Etchegaray’s short film “Men Throwing Rocks with the Other Hand” may not immediately sound like the most interesting thing in the world, but it’s strangely compelling and the end result is artistically hysterical.

How strangers reached out to help one lonely guy

Article: How strangers reached out to help one lonely guy

Last October, when Jeff Ragsdale, an out-of-work actor and stand-up comedian, got dumped by his girlfriend — the kind of breakup that puts your heart through the blender — he decided to crowd-source his loneliness. He posted flyers all around Lower Manhattan that read, “If anyone wants to talk about anything, call me… Jeff, One Lonely Guy.” His cellphone number was listed at the bottom of the flyer in little tabs that strangers could tear off — anyone who’s familiar with New York will be used to seeing these kinds of flyers offering dog-walking services or futons for sale, etc.

Monday Mix: Muppet dating advice, porn dilemmas, and more

Article: Monday Mix: Muppet dating advice, porn dilemmas, and more

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…these are a few of our favorite things making the rounds on the Internets of late:

Muppet Dating Advice: An awesome article on Slate explains how everyone is either a Chaos Muppet (Cookie Monster, Ernie, Grover, Gonzo, Animal, Miss Piggy, etc.), or an Order Muppet (Burt, Scooter, Kermit, etc.). If you want a happy marriage, the theory goes, you need to pair up with the opposite type — just like Kermit and Miss Piggy, or Burt and Ernie. (And if you don’t? “That’s where Baby Elmos come from.”) You have been warned.

What have YOU done lately?

Article: What have YOU done lately?

Check out the “Hey Girl, What Have You Done Lately?” Tumblr for some awesome push girls throughout the ages, from Joan of Arc to Hillary Clinton. Each of them has done something fantastic, and wants to know what you have done lately. If you need a lesson in taking life by the horns and fighting prejudice to rise to one of the highest offices in the land, visit Shirley Chisolm, first Black woman elected to Congress. Maybe you’d like to learn more about modern activists like Kasha Nabagasera, who’s protecting LGBQT Ugandans from execution. Or maybe you just want to follow to get your daily fix of amazing ladies.

Gifs as art

Article: Gifs as art

It’s good to see the mainstream media (for the sake of this entry let’s all agree that PBS falls under this category) finally get onboard with a topic that I’ve personally and professionally long been a fan of and advocate for: the humble gif image. As I wrote earlier, “GIF images have historically resided in the seedier corners of the Internet, in profiles of message board users and the like, but these looping animated images have started to emerge as a medium of some artistic merit in their own right” (wow, did I just re-quote myself. That is so douche-y!). In the above recent online video segment, PBS examines gifs, “one of the oldest image formats used on the web” and how they’ve evolved into something larger today, something web prognosticators argue can be considered an art form.

Women looking remorseful after sexual encounters

Article: Women looking remorseful after sexual encounters

Back in December, we wrote about the stock photo cliche of a couple’s bare feet sticking out from under the covers always used to accompany sex stories. We had no idea back then that a whole internet meme was brewing about the ridiculousness of stock photos. First came women laughing alone with salad. Then there were the hilarious (or sexually suggestive, we suppose? if you’re into that kind of thing) women struggling to drink water. And now, from the blog Vagenda (tagline “Like King Lear, but for girls”), there are stock photos of women looking remorseful after sexual encounters.

This week’s top 5 trending viral videos

Article: This week’s top 5 trending viral videos

If you’re completely sick of all the coverage leading up to the Super Bowl, I’m here to provide you with some relief (9 out of 10 bloggers recommend it) with this week’s YouTube videos that seem to be gaining steam on the viral Internet train.

5. From the hilarious minds of one of my favorite channels on YouTube is this catchy and easy-to-sing song “Hapi Berth Dey.” It’s “about an Egyptian river god who finds a place to sleep atop two sheep” that also possibly doubles as an expression of his outrage of the misappropriation of copyright laws which legally also applies to a popular song traditionally sung to celebrate birthdays. Feel free to sing this new song coincidentally at your next birthday party!

Trend of elaborate marriage proposals. Stop!

Article: Trend of elaborate marriage proposals. Stop!

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

One of my closest friends proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend. He did it neatly and simply. There was a time when a guy was ready to propose to his future wife, it was relatively simple for most: a walk somewhere or maybe at the restaurant of their first date, drop to your knee like Tim Tebow and bust out the ring. But nowadays, thanks to the Internet, some of the more creative fellas out there with their elaborate videos are starting to set people’s expectations of the proposal, to paraphrase Jimmy McMillan, too damn high!

5 perfect gifts for your "I've already seen that on the Internet" friend

Article: 5 perfect gifts for your "I've already seen that on the Internet" friend

I know for a fact that most of you have not finished (or even started) your holiday shopping due to that deadly virus known as procrastination. Well I’m here with a few unique gift suggestions for your impossible-to-shop-for loved ones.

1. For your “foodie” chef who is also obsessed with designers’ trendy incorporation of brass knuckles, I recommend this brass knuckle shaped meat pounder.

2. One of my favorite online memes to emerge has been the Sad Keanu Reeves meme, and if you’re shopping for a “Redditor” or someone who hasn’t met a meme they didn’t like (hint: me), then this toy model of Sad Keanu Reeves is perfect.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Article: Feminist Ryan Gosling

We never really understood the whole Ryan Gosling thing – he seemed kind of like a pompous, pretentious ac-tor with zero sense of humor. That is, until we saw him on Ellen in onesie pajamas on a stationary bike. Boy, were we schooled then. Now we’re on board – well, we’re not on board the crazy train of Gosling fandom, but we’re at the station admiring from afar. For example, we’re not so gaga for Gosling that we could tell you exactly where the whole “Hey Girl” meme came from. (According to Jezebel: “Apparently, the basic concept…

Planking in the 1950s

Article: Planking in the 1950s

This old LIFE Magazine photo of students partaking in “phone booth stuffing,” which was all the rage in the 1950s, also foretold the lying down game and later the planking phenomenon that went wildly viral this year. I think it demonstrates how memes, like fashion, are derivative of one another. As a big fan of the documentary format, someone needs to produce a TV series or film on the history of off-line and online fads and memes. In fact, I’d like to see a Ken Burns treatment on this topic (I’m not joking at all). BRB: Creating a Kickstarter campaign to hire Ken Burns.

BLACK SWAN, intentionally funny

Article: BLACK SWAN, intentionally funny

I know, I know. Yes, I have a penchant for posting hilarious YouTube videos on this blog probably far too often. But wait! Seriously, I have discovered a girl who is so freaking funny, I cannot even stand it. Please let me introduce you to Gloria Shuri Nava. With a name like that you better be fierce!

Memes of 2010 in one minute

Article: Memes of 2010 in one minute

Know Your Meme 2010 Year in Review (Minnit To Winnit Acoustic House Remix) from Rocketboom on Vimeo. Rocketboom put together this video acting out all memes and virals of 2010 in one minute. A can of Four Loko on me to anyone who can name them all.

Go deeper with memes of INCEPTION

Article: Go deeper with memes of INCEPTION

A follow-up to Perrin’s review of the summer hit film INCEPTION, which blew a lot of people’s minds and had them questioning and wanting to do a deeper dive. As a result, the film has inspired the Internets and produced many memes (one of which is seen above). I’ve compiled some of them here. Warning – there be spoilers ahead!

100 things that defined the 2000s

Article: 100 things that defined the 2000s

As we quickly approach the final year of the first decade of the 21st century, the blog “You aught to remember” is getting an early start and “counting the 100 trends, fashions, memes, personalities and ideas that shaped the first decade of the 21st Century.” I think I’ll caveat that this cheeky list is more…

Meme scenes minimized

Article: Meme scenes minimized

Andy Baio isolated the backgrounds of famous (or infamous) videos or photos that went on to become Internet memes and legends by removing the subjects from them. This brilliant exercise if anything validates their seat in the pantheon of viral Internet memes. Can you name them all? [Via]