Chuck Norris street art

Article: Chuck Norris street art

Hilarious street art that continues the Chuck Norris meme. [Via]

Cats who look like Ron Swanson

Article: Cats who look like Ron Swanson

Cats Who Look Like Ron Swanson is a meme that combines two of the Internets favorite things: cats and Ron Swanson. And if you still haven’t watched Parks and Recreation, I suggest you do so immediately unless you enjoy living a life devoid of laughter. Also, here’s one of the show’s breakout stars Aziz Ansari…

Young Me Now Me

Article: Young Me Now Me

There’s a popular website Young Me Now Me devoted to a meme where people submit photos of their now grown-up selves in the same pose as a photo from their youth. It’s generally a touching juxtaposition, but one Redditor took this meme to a disturbing place. He explains how it came about: Mom: Merry Christmas!…

Blah blah blah movies

Article: Blah blah blah movies

In the spirit of Mad Men’s Don Draper “What?” video or LOST’s “6 seasons of Sawyer saying ‘son of a bitch’” comes this compilation of clips from various movies with people and characters saying “blah blah blah.”

All of Billy Joel's greatest hits played at once

Article: All of Billy Joel's greatest hits played at once

Apropos of nothing other than the fact that I predict this will be the start of a trend with other greatest hit albums, you can now check off listening to all of Billy Joel’s greatest hit songs played simultaneously. I am not responsible for any bleeding of the ear that may occur. When I was…

Kim Jong Il looking at things

Article: Kim Jong Il looking at things

Kim Jong Il Looking At Things is a single serve Tumblr site devoted to The Dear Leader…looking at things. As my high school friend Jason commented, “It’s kinda beautiful in a way. Too bad he’s a tyrant. And he lives on Mars.” I really do wish China would step in and put him and his…

Most Popular Words of 2010

Article: Most Popular Words of 2010

The Global Language Monitor, a service that tracks and analyzes language trends released their list of the most popular words used in 2010. Unsurprisingly one of my favorite memes of 2010 made the cut: Vuvuzela. In case you just woke up from a coma, that was the horn that buzzed in South Africa throughout this…

Maru the cat's latest box adventures

Article: Maru the cat's latest box adventures

Maru, the Japanese star of the video LOLcat genre (previously) is back: This time the owner runs an experiment to see just how small of a box is too small for Maru. Just to give you a sense of how popular this cat is, the video was posted on November 11 and it already has…

Caturdays at NYPL

Article: Caturdays at NYPL

The New York Public Library’s Tumblr posted the first of a weekend segment that jumps on the Caturday meme (a day devoted to LOLcats) by using material from their photo archives, such as the picture above. The file copy affixed to the back of the photo is amusing: Susie, the famous smiling kitten, expresses annoyance…

How many different ways can Don Draper say "What?"

Article: How many different ways can Don Draper say "What?"

For those of you going through withdrawal now that Mad Men’s latest season has come to a close, here’s semi-related YouTube video someone put together of Don Draper uttering the word “what” in the first four seasons. Don Draper uses the word “what” as Van Gogh used color or Beethoven used sound. Here’s the man…

"Cigar Man" unmasked

Article: "Cigar Man" unmasked

The Daily Mail tracked down the cigar man at the Ryder Cup whose funny appearance went viral thanks to this amazing photo of Tiger Woods’ errant chip shot hitting a photographer’s camera lens. The cigar smoking spectator in question caught the fancy of amateur Photoshoppers on the Internet who had a lot of fun with…

LEGO version of Sad Keanu Reeves

Article: LEGO version of Sad Keanu Reeves

The Sad Keanu Reeves meme has been circulating around the Internet for awhile with no signs of it going away, and New York Magazine’s Vulture blog finally asked the actor about this meme, which he was unfamiliar with. He did seem to be a good sport about it once it was explained to him. He…


Article: Cheat

I looked up “cheat” in the dictionary and found this photo. As the crowd at Reddit pointed out, on top of all that ridiculous pro-gear, he’s OVER THE START LINE. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve officially crossed the “friendly competition where everyone gets a trophy for finishing” line. His parents must be…

A pictoral guide to avoiding camera loss

Article: A pictoral guide to avoiding camera loss

Predating the (fake) “cute girl who quits job on a dry eraseboard” which hit a collective nerve and went rapidly viral earlier this summer is this funny “pictoral guide to avoiding camera loss” by Andrew McDonald, which he claims he keeps on his digital camera to ensure its proper return to the owner if it’s…

Latest meme: a doe, a deer, a prancing Cera

Article: Latest meme: a doe, a deer, a prancing Cera

This kinda hilarious photo of a-leaping and a-prancing Michael Cera has emerged above the heap to become the latest Internet meme among bored Photoshoppers around the world. View their collective efforts at this single serve Tumblr site, fuckyeahprancingcera. And a best of here.

What happens when a washing machine eats a brick? Internet finds out.

Article: What happens when a washing machine eats a brick? Internet finds out.

The Internet was enthralled recently with a YouTube video of a self-destructing washing machine, whose spasmic shaking increasingly gave it anthropomorphic attributes. The payoff starts at the 0:55 second mark when it encounters a brick and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Predictably the video has been remixed that results in some LOLs.

Helmut Smits, Rainbow

Article: Helmut Smits, Rainbow

To classy up the double rainbow YouTube video that went MASSIVELY VIRAL (go to Urlesque for a terrific recap on this phenomenon) and forever changed the way we view rainbows, is this apropos piece of art by Dutch artist Helmut Smits. It won’t be a double, but wherever you drive, you’ll always see a rainbow.

Sad Panda is spotted by Google Maps Street View car

Article: Sad Panda is spotted by Google Maps Street View car

The Google Maps Street View cameras caught the Sad Panda (one of my favorite New York City characters) walking down Washington Street. Last November the man behind the Panda mask was revealed and the story really is sad.

Here are some other famous moments and personalities captured by Google’s Street View camera:

Comic sans comically rears its head during LeBron spectacle.

Article: Comic sans comically rears its head during LeBron spectacle.

The spectacle surrounding LeBron James’ nationally televised decision to leave Cleveland for South Beach had something for everyone, including graphic designers and aesthetes. After LeBron’s LeBum’s announcement, Dan Gilbert, the jilted majority owner of James’ former team the Cavaliers, wrote an open letter tirade on the Cavs website which had the Internet and Twitterites abuzz (currently a top trending topic) not only for the content, which called his former star “narcissistic,” “heartless and callous” but for the particular infamous and comical typeface Gilbert used. Journalist Jennifer 8. Lee (yes, her middle name is awesomely a number) tweeted this older WSJ article about Vincent Connare, the creator of Comic Sans, the much used and equally hated typeface popular not only in “grade-school fliers and holiday newsletters, Disney ads and Beanie Baby tags, business emails, street signs, Bibles, porn sites, gravestones and hospital posters about bowel cancer,” but also with owners of professional basketball teams.
In 1994, Mr. Connare was working on a team at Microsoft creating software that consumers eventually would use on home PCs. His designer’s sensibilities were shocked, he says, when, one afternoon, he opened a test version of a program called Microsoft Bob for children and new computer users. The welcome screen showed a cartoon dog named Rover speaking in a text bubble. The message appeared in the ever-so-sedate Times New Roman font.

Best Batman comic ever

Article: Best Batman comic ever

As a bookend to my recent Batman entry, Metafilter unearthed what may be the best campy issue of Batman ever thanks to its (intentional? unintentional?) over-usage of the double entendre “boners.” One blogger (bless him) scanned and posted every page of Batman number 66, titled “The Joker’s Comedy of Errors.” This is admittedly a bit…


Article: NYC MTA FML

An Internet meme crossed into everyday real life when New York City’s beloved (note sarcasm) transit agency MTA updated a sign at a subway station at 14th Street and Sixth Avenue to reflect some service changes. The sign for train lines, F, V, and L was changed to F, M, and L. LOL! Bloggers quickly…

Bang! Bap! Biff! Batman onomatopoeias!

Article: Bang! Bap! Biff! Batman onomatopoeias!

Scene from classic Batman episode Take a nostalgic trip back to Gotham City with this batty online collection of all the onomatopoeias from the old classic 1960s Batman TV series (including episodes of when each one was used) starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Also, check out this video of the evolution of the Batman…

The two best Lost-related Internet jokes!

Article: The two best Lost-related Internet jokes!

The ending of Lost, which is the 55th most watched finale of all time, provided material for some funny bite-size comedy on the Internets that could be appreciated even by, or especially by non-Lost fans. I’ve compiled a couple of my favorites below. My favorite: A GIF of how Lost should have really ended. Michael…

TED: How to make a splash in social media

Article: TED: How to make a splash in social media

Watch this 5 minute TED talk by Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, a link aggregate social website from which a-many memes and items have virally emerged. Ohanian’s 5 minute speech titled “How to make a splash in social media” provides an interesting blueprint on how people can leverage the power of social media and online…

The Chat Roulette Game

Article: The Chat Roulette Game

The latest Internet IT thing, Chat Roulette has been exhaustively covered at this point by the blogosphere and the mainstream media’s culture pages, but for those still not yet familiar, here’s a quick primer: This minimalist (and often NSFW) website, created by 17-year-old Russian Andrey Ternovskiy, connects your computer’s web cam (with your permission first)…