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Oy! To The World: A Mel Brooks Christmas Marathon

Article: Oy! To The World: A Mel Brooks Christmas Marathon

SUNDANCE CHANNEL TO DECK THE HALLS WITH COMEDY KING MEL BROOKS’ FINESTFilm Series “Oy! to the World: A Mel Brooks Christmas Marathon” Slated for Christmas Day New York, NY – December 12, 2013 – This holiday season, Sundance Channel is learning that it’s “good to be the king.” Starting at 6:00 AM ET/PT on Christmas…

Longing for magnificent hideousness

Article: Longing for magnificent hideousness

In a world of manufactured pop stars and even politicians getting better looking it is hard to believe that sometime not too long ago there were actors, singers, and celebrities, who, how should I say this, were a bit on the ugly side. Simon Doonan is someone who knows both beauty and ugly. As the creative director of Barneys he is day in and day out surrounded by beauty: models, fashion folks, fabulous people. Yet his personal style is quirky and at times, dare I say, ugly. His decorating tastes, prints, color, garish items, could also be described by the U.